116, 17, 19 November 2013: Working the Weekend

I had to work both weekend days last week. It’s not all bad – that means we get Friday and Monday off for each, plus Sunday is only the afternoon so I still get to sleep in. Except when it’s, you know, the worst tornado breakout in November history. UGH.


JCrew Factory striped dress, Forever 21 Love necklace, Old Navy tights, Liz CLaibourne boots

Saturday was my second parent workshop, hence the dress. It went fine – the material was sound, but I never found my groove. Bummer.

Also a bummer: the heel cap on one heel keeps sliding off. I need to find some super glue and at least make these last through our Doctor Who anniversary party next week. I plan to use them as part of my Eleventh Doctor costume – unless I try being Amy Pond instead.


Anthropologie Fluttered Hem top, Old Navy skirt, NYC and Company necklace, Hue tights, Converse

So this is what I wore to lead the Library through bad weather. (I was in charge of all our locations, eep.) A skirt to look somewhat nice, orange to be easily seen and converse in case we needed to evacuate. Don’t laugh! When I was 10, a tornado hit the tree outside our home – part fell in the street, part onto the roof of my bedroom and part knocked the gas main off the house. We had to evacuate and run down the street in the midst of the storm to get someone to let us in because our house was filling up with gas. It’s stayed with me. I HATE storms and I really, really hate tornadoes. Luckily, things stayed just south of us.


Kate Spade jeweled Kati cardigan, JCrew tank top, Kate Spade Jill skirt, Merona tights, vintage sweater clip, Forever 21 necklace, White Cliff flats

It wasn’t until this very moment that I realized I was wearing a Kate Spade outfit. How did I not realize this all day??? Geez. Anyway, the tights are new and super amazing. $8, very opaque, very thick and very comfortable. I am quite impressed – we’ll see how long they hold up.

I love this cardi, though – I got it in one of their flash sales for under $80, regular $300. It’s cashmere and absolutely lovely. Also, geez, I really need to get better about reapplying lipstick again. I look translucent, oy.


2 thoughts on “116, 17, 19 November 2013: Working the Weekend

  1. Oh wow, totally forgot you live near the tornado zone. Glad to hear you & yours are all ok. Whoa, scary tornado event when you were a kiddo – yeah you’re right, that stuff sticks with you! Probably a good survival mechanism! I lived for a long while in Texas so I know how abrupt & without much (if any) warning a tornado can be. Notice I don’t live in TX anymore. Not that hurricanes aren’t an issue where I live now…but at least we get fair warning.
    Anyways, glad you are a-ok. Largngitis done & gone too?
    I’ve been uber-cramming to finish 2 self-paced classes before the holidays start so I’ve been on radio silence fussing with that. Got an A in both
    so I’m pretty happy. Get a few weeks break before getting back at it in January.


    • I kept groaning, why couldn’t I get an easy day, like finding drugs in the stairwell?? Give me a call to the police over storm threats any day! Tornadoes suck.

      Yep, I am almost 100% back to normal now!! The cough is lingering, and I keep testing my voice and cheering every time something comes out. LOL

      Whoo, congrats on the As!!!! That’s awesome, especially when trying to push through to finish before the holidays start. Excellent call on that.


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