20 and 21 November 2013: Twirl

Twirly skirts! Sometimes it’s the little things.


Gap sweater, Forever 21 polka dot skirt, XO Crown necklace, tights, BoC Canty Booties

It’s been ages since I wore this skirt. It’s so cheery and fun! The tights feel a little juvenile – I think cream is easier to pull off in the winter months, for some reason. And also, with taller boots.


Anthropologie Novelty Collar tee, JCrew pleated skirt, brooch, Merona tights, White Cliff flats

Oops, my ponytail seems offkilter. Oh, well. I don’t think I’ve worn this top all autumn, and that’s a shame, I love it so. I normally wear a gold clip earring as a brooch but changed it up with this blue vintagey one. I think it was a gift from KC a few years back. I like how the blue ties in. I think this outfit could go cutely vintagey with a midi-length skirt, but I like the proportions here too much to change them now.

I also am wearing a JCrew black cardigan, but I don’t need it inside so I forgot to slip it on. Oops!

Also oops, I think I am caught up on comments now. Augh! Sorry, friends. Not sure where my brain has been this month.


One thought on “20 and 21 November 2013: Twirl

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