22 and 26 November: It’s Beginning to Look…

A lot like Christmas!!!!! Yesterday, it snowed and it was so amazing, you guys. I went for a long, 2.5 mile walk for my lunch break. When I started, it looked like this:

2013-11-25 12.49.52

Big flakes, nothing really sticking.


2013-11-25 13.12.14

It started sticking and the wind picked up and blew it all around so much that you could barely see a block ahead. I listened to my Holly Holiday (Glee and pop Christmas songs) Pandora station and beamed.

2013-11-25 13.14.59

Then it was grey and swirly and a magical winter wonderland.

And then the snow made my iPhone shut off and then I got attacked by a dog. That was sort of a bummer. But my phone turned back on when I got inside and my tights and knit gloves survived. And so did I.

This isn’t what I was wearing during all this, that was Doctor Who, but this is what I wore days before and after.


Loft linen blouse, Old Navy Sweetheart skinny jeans, JCrew Jackie cardigan, Doctor Who pin, converse

Day before the anniversary and I was already getting into the spirit.


Abercrombie empire top, JCrew button skirt, shawl, Merona tights, AngelWear bow necklace, BoC Canty Booties

And today. It’s been so cold at work that a shawl was entirely required. Also tea.

And now I am home for my one evening all week. (Sunday, dinner with a friend. Last night, Who. Tomorrow and Thursday, home for Thanksgiving. Friday, too far away to contemplate.) I fully intend to spend it wrapped in a blanket, catching up on TiVo and watching the Dancing with the Stars finale – because I totally know how to live it up.

But most importantly, I will do it all under the glow of my Christmas tree, which went up Sunday night.

2013-11-24 21.57.28

Ahhhhhh. Lovely. 😉 I sort of liveblogged it to friends as I put it up – it’s a little sad doing it alone, so every year I try to incorporate friends. Here are some of the pics I shared:


R to L: My Disney souvenirs, always the first ornaments on the tree; my great-grandmother’s ornaments, still flocked; my Anne of Green Gables ornaments, always second on the tree; ornaments from my childhood, including more from my great-grandmother, Disney from the 80s and my kindergarten paper chain. Not pictured: Casablanca mini-poster, many penguins, a Tardis, four Betsy-Tacy themed ornaments, plenty of tartan bows and a few ornaments I sewed over the years. Yay tradition!


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