6 and 7 December 2013: life implosion

You guys! I am sorry for my abrupt disappearance. Last Sunday, my mom and I found my grandmother in poor health and environmental conditions. She’s been in the hospital since and I’ve been there every day, all day, coordinating her doctors and care. Exhausting work, mainly done in comfy dresses and leggings.

I did try to go to work yesterday, but had to leave for the hospital after a few hours. That’s the pink. I had planned to host cookie baking today, which turned into planning Christmas movies with a handful of friends and ended up with several hours at the hospital and one friend coming over to watch this week’s Christmas Glee! Flexibility is the word of the week. Lol

Anyway, this has been a long week. I am hopeful she will be in rehab Monday, which will mean a return to normalcy (and work!!) for me. I may not be up for posts for a few days as I recover from all this, but I will try to post once or twice, even if it’s polyvore. I especially can’t wait to show off my super adorable Doctor Who outfit from last week! Xoxo


Target juniors sparkle bow sweatshirt, old navy sweetheart skinny jeans, converse


JCrew beaded snowflake top, Jcrew Jackie cardigan, old navy sweetheart skinny jeans, gift bow bobby pin, converse

Ha, and a candy cane pen poking out behind my ear, oops. I’ve learned this week that it’s easiest to pin my hair up and tuck the pen into there so I don’t lose it in between doctor visits….I have taken a LOT of notes this week!!! The bow is one of the three I made to wear at Disney World, where I was one year ago today. Sigh.

Oh, I also need to remember to show off my super adorable new snowflake necklace I got off Zulily! It’s just what I wanted and makes me so happy.

Thanks for understanding and I’ll see you guys soon!


2 thoughts on “6 and 7 December 2013: life implosion

  1. No apologies needed for your absence.
    Glad to hear that your G’Ma is in a better state of care & that you have weathered thru it as well. Health issues / family can be some of the most exhausting things ever. It’s times like this that make going to work sound like the best thing ever!
    I’ve been maxed out with life as well lately what with my classes, my dog & my Dad & have darn near eliminated any & everything that taxes my remaining energy reserves. I’m doing a whole lot of Christmasy stuff around the house & very little of anything else. Much needed R&R.
    On a more chippier note – your sparkly tops are super awesome! I love me some sparkle things! I got the sparkle deer tee from JCrew Factory recently & have found any reason to wear multiple times!
    Can’t wait to see the snowflake necklace too! We just hung a bunch of giant lighted snowflake lights in the forest behind pur house…when it stops raining I’ll post the pic to my IG.


    • Family and health issues are absolutely the worst. They are pretty common in my immediate family, but I am used to having my parents and brother around so we can support each other through it. This mostly solo thing, except Mom by phone, is far more exhausting.

      Doing nothing but Christmassy relaxation sounds like the perfect antidote to the rough autumn you had! I hope it helps you regain some of your own sparkle back.

      Sparkle deer? That sounds adorable!! I can’t wait to see giant lighted snowflake lights, too – sounds totally up my alley. I added you on IG. 🙂


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