December accessories

This is my first day since December started that I am not visiting a hospital. Yay! I am so exhausted. I have a three day weekend coming up, which cannot come soon enough. Current plan is mall, sewing and visiting my grandmother Friday, Christmas cards and movies on Saturday, and an old time radio performance of Its a Wonderful Life with Meg on Sunday. I am torn between trying to do do do and catch up on all the holiday fun I’ve missed and taking a day to do nothing. Or something in between.

I am faithfully taking outfit pictures (Tuesday’s was my favorite in a long time), but a catch up post will come when I am less brain dead. Instead, I offer some of the new jewelry and nail polishes I’ve been modeling.


My snowflake necklace!! $14 on zulily, which I bought with my credit. This is exactly what I wanted and I foresee wearing it with nearly every outfit I own.


Jingle bell bracelet! I picked this up on sale at a cute little indie store by my parents. It’s a bit too big on me, but I love the tinkling little bells. Festive but not overwhelming. Perfect.


Retail therapy at Walgreens. (Along with light up Christmas pen, Christmas notebook, etc) I have mixed thoughts on this. It was $2 on sale, so overall worth it. It took 3-4 layers to get it opaque and the proper color – it starts out a sickly grey, which you can see at some edges, which sort of baffles me. The final color is gorgeous and reminds me of the OPI San Francisco shade I had this fall. But it chipped almost immediately and has pulled from the tips on several nails. I think the upkeep will be a pain, but the color is exactly the rich, dark shade I’d wanted. Maybe I’ll swap to a cheery holiday shade this weekend instead. I haven’t had a chance to do any fun holiday nail art this month.


2 thoughts on “December accessories

  1. LOVE the snowflake necklace. the shape even reminds me of a certain webpage design back you had back in the day 🙂

    i wonder if you could wear that beautiful nail color over another less chippy one and have it work out. bonus for me was reading the color name and getting the Buffy musical song from Tara and Willow stuck in my head 😀


    • Isn’t it lovely?? And it totally does – I love that design of yours. 🙂

      I will admit, the name was half the reason I went with it, ha. Made me smile. It definitely might layer well – over a nice grey, maybe, since it has grey undertones. Thanks!!


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