13, 14, 15, 16 December 2013: Christmas Colors

I have begun to realize that there is no real catching up at this point. I miss blogging, but there’s not a lot of time for it. There’s new complications with my grandmother – her health is still improving, but we are temporarily off the rehab path. It’s challenging. Let’s talk clothes. In reverse order.


Glamorous bodysuit, Gap military skirt, BP cardigan, Hue fleece lined tights, JCrew bubble necklace via ebay, Forever 21 plaid hairbows, jingle bell bracelet, Crown Vintage Cambridge boots

Today! I have begun my holiday countdown of green, red, gold and silver outfits. Huzzah. I like how this one turned out, a lot. I sort of assembled it half asleep, mostly just trying not to copy one of the many green and red outfits I wore last year.

Also, new booties! I love these. I’ll post a close up of them soon. $50 at DSW and so comfortable!! They have about a two inch heel, and I can still walk to work in them very easily.



Forever 21 military sweater, Donna Ricci tweed skirt, Hue fleece lined tights, vintage penguin brooch, pointsettia brooch, handmade Keep Calm necklace, jingle bell bracelet, black winter boots (unpictured)

Yesterday, Meg and I went on our annual Christmas adventure, with annual Christmas magic – no traffic, easy parking, and a 5 month old baby boy who was enthralled by the show we saw and didn’t cry at all.

We went to see a radio play staging of It’s A Wonderful Life and it was so much fun. I’m not a super big fan of the movie, but I love the radio play, which is distilled into one hour. The actors were fantastic – the guy who played George sounded so much like Jimmy Stewart, it was crazy, and the woman who played Mary made me think of Rory Gilmore – super adorable. 8 actors did all the roles, and their voices sounded different for each, it was awesome. There was also a live foley guy doing the sound effects, just like they did performing it on radio in the 40s. The cast was in 40s costumes and the conceit is that we were in the 40s watching them perform live on the radio. First half hour was carolling and banter, then came the play, with 3 commercial breaks. They took their real 2013 advertisers and wrote/performed 40s style jingles for them. The ComEd was especially catchy. So very clever.  It was just a lovely afternoon. Then we did take out and chatting and baby holding at my apartment for a few hours. Pretty much a perfect day with one of my dearest, closest friends. Just what I needed.

And yes. I deliberately dressed 40s-ish for the show. And yes. I totally wore this outfit last year with zero recollection. OOPS. I will try to be more creative for the next 9 days.


Gap tank top, JCrew Jackie cardigan, Old Navy sweetheart skinny jeans, hair bandana, jingle bell bracelet, hair bow bobbypin, Keep Calm and Carry On handmade necklace

This is called, “I didn’t plan to leave my house and only wanted to do Christmas cards so I didn’t shower but surprise! My grandmother needed a visit.” So I threw on clothes, hid the hair and headed out. And found her in isolation. Blahhhhhh. Also, I never did my Christmas cards. I have hopes for this week, though. I’ve only been saying that for 16 days now. It’ll happen. Maybe for the 12th day of Christmas in January, but it’ll happen.


Dalek Snowman top, Old Navy sweetheart skinny jeans, Daisy Fuentes glitter cardigan (clothes swap), converse

Friday was my vacation day. Friday was spent at the hospital because surprise! My grandmother had surgery. Also it was snowy and I wanted to celebrate with a Dalek, as you do. And then I ate too much food from Wendy’s and slept 11.5 hours.

Next post: Whatever pictures I have found on my iPhone from other December days.

Post after that: Whatever pictures I find on my camera tonight from other other December days.


3 thoughts on “13, 14, 15, 16 December 2013: Christmas Colors

  1. Man oh man, where are all my bubble necklaces!?? Your 1st outfit reminded me that 98% of my jewelry is packed away for a move that we should have made like 6 months ago, but NoOOOooooo! But I digress, the Dalek tee – too stinkin’ cute!! Love all your looks this round – festive!


    • Oh, bummer!! Your jewelry needs a rescue. 😉 Good luck figuring out your move!!

      I don’t wear that Dalek nearly enough for how adorable it really is, hee. I should work on that.


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