December Catch Up

A catch all post for many different outfits! I don’t even know what days these happened on, but they are all from December.


anthropologie Cowl sweater, Merona skater skirt, snowflake necklace, fleece lined tights, Crown Vintage Cambridge booties

Favorite outfit in a long time!! I love how the sweater and skirt go together, and the necklace is the perfect length for the cowl, which is such a great color. Glee!!!!!


Forever 21 peter pan sweater, Old Navy sweetheart skinny jeans, bow brooch, snowflake necklace, Crown Vintage Cambridge booties

Love this sweater! Love the look of cuffed jeans with booties, too – I always forget how cute it looks.


Gap sweater, anthropologie Blomma skirt, snowflake necklace, fleece lined tights, jingle bell bracelet, anthropologie jeweled hairband

My favorite winter skirt!! I feel like I can only wear this December through February, so get ready to see it often. I love the colors and the embroidery and the little hanging puffballs. So sweet.


Lands End down coat, Lands End fair isle hat/scarf/gloves

Friends, it has been brutally cold. Like, windchills hovering at and below zero. When it hit 30 on Friday, it felt genuinely balmy. And yet, I still walk to work. It is cold, which makes me go faster, and gives me something active to do. Okay, sure, it also triggers my asthma and lung aches, but the exercise bit of it feels fabulous.

Next post, tonight or tomorrow: Doctor Who! Other days in December! Finally me being caught up! Whoo!!!


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