17 December 2013: V is for Victory Holiday Style

Snow! I think you all know my love of snow by now. I know it’s silly, but I have a very Lorelai Gilmore response to our much-snowier-than-usual December – it feels like a gift, trying to make up for all the crazy awful family medical drama that’s been going on. (And continues to go on.)

Check out these shots from this morning – you could barely see a block away.



I was out in our park for a good five minutes, just soaking in the sheer beauty of it all. Truly glorious.

And this is what I was wearing.


Abercrombie and Fitch sweater, Insight pencil skirt, H&M cardigan, vintage 50s gold pin, Forever 21 necklace, jingle bell bracelet, seamed stockings, Naturalizer Jameson mary janes

I was aiming for retro holiday, I landed on V is for Victory/Veterans Day. Oops. I tried. I can’t for the life of me find my grey cardigan, that would have helped keep it Christmas instead of patriotic.

I tried this on last night to see if it would work, with hair down and no tights. When I got dressed this morning, I did a perky 50s ponytail with red ribbow tie and cream tights. And then changed the hair and tights 5 minutes before I left because it really does look better like this. My coworker said I look like a secretary getting ready to seduce her boss, which is a fun look! Wasted on my female boss and gay boss’s boss, but still. Fun. 😉

I am totally digging these shoes – I tried them on at DSW when I got my booties, loved them and left them. I regretted it, though – my Aerosole mary janes are falling apart after nearly a decade in service and the footbed is no longer very comfy. I found these for $10 less at Famous Footwear and I am sold. Super retro adorable and very Emma Pillsbury.

I am also loving this skirt, more than I thought I would when I bought it. It’s stretchy and comfortable, which is great. I’ll have to see how many of my tops and sweaters go with it, though. Seems like it really needs a cropped length, and probably more fitted. I guess maybe camisoles and cardigans for the most part?

There was also a great snowfall last night, too,  so I took a nice long walk after work.





It was pretty amazing – it was near silent except for my boots squeaking. No cars or anything. It was especially great on the blocks filled with Victorian houses, it felt very wibbly wobbly time wise.  Could have stepped back in time at any moment.


3 thoughts on “17 December 2013: V is for Victory Holiday Style

  1. Oh gosh the snow looks gorgeous! It’s a tropical (upper 70’s) here this weekend. Not very Christmasy-festive weather, but at least it’s not 95 & wicked humid.


    • Isn’t it great??? It’s pretty much all melted now, but my parents have a ton of snow so that is what really counts. 😉

      70s are definitely better than 90s for Christmas! It’s funny how that sounds so crazy to me, but when I was in Disney for Christmas with weather in the 70s and 80s the decor still made me feel Christmassy. I guess it’s all down to ambience!


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