18, 19, 20, 21 December 2013: Christmas Time is Here

Will this craziness ever die down? Probably not! But I come bearing sparkly Christmassy outfits.

I tried cropping/editing on my phone, but I think I was better off NOT doing that. Blah. Phones are super easy for updating, but maybe I should get back into the camera habit? Or get better at editing on the phone. I hope the adorablness of these outfits aren’t lost in grainyness!


Joseph A sparkly sweater, Old Navy Flirt skirt, penguin socks, Charlotte Russe hairband, Forever 21 hairbow, Converse

Sparkly and cute for one last mall trip for my very last present! Liss and I met up and had a wonderful time. It was busy, but not crazy, and very festive. Also, you know, I totally bought myself a dress. And two Lush bathbombs. Because they were in my budget and it’d been a long month.


Anthropologie Here and There tee, Anthropologie Blomma Embroidered skirt, JCrew Jackie cardigan, Kate Spade glitter gold fishnet tights, jinglebell bracelet, snowflake necklace, vintage pin (my great-grandmother’s) Charlotte Russe hairband, Bass Heritage boots

AUGH BLURRY. I may have to dig around and see if there’s a nonblurry version. I love how this came out! I sort of recreated the dressing room outfit from when I tried on this skirt and grabbed the green top just to have something to wear with it – and of course, the green has become a staple in my wardrobe year round. I love the peek of green at the top. And the hairband was bought in the city the day before – 2 for $4!! It’s braided 2 strands of faux-leather with one strand of sparkles, one is cream and the other a light rose. Love them.

Is it cool to wear gold sparkle fishnets when it’s not the holiday season? Enquiring minds wish to know.


Jones New York tie top, JCrew pleated skirt, fleece tights, snowflake necklace, jingle bell bracelet, vintage pin (great-grandmother’s) Crown Vintage booties

I need more vintage Christmas pins. I had some in my Etsy shopping cart all month and it just never happened. Oh, well, next year. This is what I wore for my city Christmas adventures – German market and symphony brass.  I swear that I bought the symphony ticket because it was brass Christmas, but it was just brass. Brass memoriums, even, which didn’t help my need for festivity. LOL But there was this glorious song from the 1500s that I loved, plus a wonderful number created for the 50th anniversary of Iwo Jima which took us musically through the whole conflict. I also enjoyed the piece devoted to our local science lab, complete with sounds from the machines there – it was very Doctor Who.


Old Navy drape top, Anthropologie Sequinned Migration skirt, green necklace, snowflake necklace, jingle bell bracelet, snowflake pin, Merona tights, gold bow bobbypin, Crown Vintage booties

I love how this came out, so hard! It was perfect, exactly how I wanted it to in my head. Things don’t always, and this one felt especially good.


My Christmas card section! Minus 6 that didn’t fit, and I was too lazy to put up more ribbon last night. I got this idea from pinterest last year, and I love it for display purposes.

(Also, I totally want a muff this year. I am finding them even more charming than usual. I sort of covet the one on the third ribbon, heh.)

I FINALLY sat down Thursday night to do my cards. It’s been killing me that I hadn’t gotten them out, since I love doing them. I still have six to do, for the people I normally make cards for. It may be that I mail the storebought on Monday for them, whoops, unless I find the energy to create them this weekend. Sorry, guys. I do love you, even though you’ll get your cards after the 25th. And they still won’t even be handmade. xo

5 thoughts on “18, 19, 20, 21 December 2013: Christmas Time is Here

  1. Wow you really have done well with keeping a holiday theme with your outfits! Nicely done with all the outfits!
    I’ve been in n out traveling & in my minds eye I had packed much more Christmas-theme clothing, but somehow I ended up bringing (& wearing) more blue plaids. How did that even happen? I gotta start consulting your outfit suggestions before I go anywhere again! LOL
    Cute Pinterest idea! A lady at my old job used to attach a few long ribbons down a big door to hang cards on. She actually had attached sticky-back Velcro “pile” to both the top & bottom edge of the door (so that it wasn’t visible) & then attached the matching Velcro “loop” to these big thick ribbons that she would reuse year after year. She velcro the ribbons to the door & then bought these little tiny round Velcro “dots” to attach the cards to the ribbon. To keep the cards from opening up, she would dab a lil museum putty to inside of the card. If someone really wanted to look at the inside of the card, you could still open it up & the museum putty would re-adhere nicely.


    • Thank you! I had fun with them – and really used them to propel me towards holiday spirit, heh.

      Ha!! Well, blue plaids are awesome, so way to go. And sort of Christmassy, at least how I decorate. *grin*

      Oh, I like that idea! That is super cool. The museum putty is ingenious.


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