December Shopping!!

Shopping has sort of been the high point of my month. Thursday’s city Christmas was fun, but it was slightly something I was checking off rather than enjoying to my usual depth.

Except the shopping. Ha! I picked up a ginger body scrub at The Body Shop – it smells just like Philosophy’s Gingerbread Man slat scrub that I miss so badly. I also got myself Satsuma and Ginger scented reed diffusers, and it was all 40% off. Whoo! I also got adorable sparkle flowers for my hair at Claire’s, along with a present for my grandmother (it’s clear I’ve gotten my love of sparkles from her and her mother; though they preferred gold and I go colorful) and a net pompadour thing to explore with my hair – all buy 1, get 1 50% off!

Also, Urban Outfitters had 20% off with your college ID – from any year – for Throwback Thursday. I was highly amused.

I debated buying things at the German market – the painted ornaments are my favorite, but I already have a blue one. I keep eyeing the grey and orange sky ones every year, but no go. There was also an amazing candle holder where the light glows through the windows of the houses painted onto snowy landscapes, but I don’t light candles. I didn’t even try the glogg this year – but I did greatly enjoy my potato pancakes.

2013-12-21 15.06.42

And then there was today. Happy shopping day.



I love the silver lights they’re using! I wish the snow would stop melting, but that’s another thing entirely. 😉



I love love love the windows at Tiffany!! So beautiful.


We stopped at Nordstrom for Liss to pick up some jeans. I wasn’t really feeling like trying things on, but I totally loved this Halcyon dress. So pretty!! The seaming is very interesting, but I love the shape.


This was waiting at the checkout while Liss paid. I am not normally a fur fan, but this called to me.


Anthropologie window. I saw this at the store on Thursday and was intrigued. I’m not really a tulle person, but I like the floral underskirt. I may try it on out of curiosity next time I’m around.



Topshop skater tunic. I wasn’t going to try it on because I was tired and it’s hard to wear white, but when Liss grabbed a few things, I decided, what the hell? And totally fell in love. I sized up into an 8 and it fit perfectly. I don’t normally like crew necklines, I think it does odd things to my cleavage, but I can fake necklines with necklaces, cardigans, etc. I love the fit and the style and the winter white color. It’ll look fab with all tights colors, all cardigan colors and all winter long. SQUEEEE! Only $60, too. I’ll wear bibs when I eat and I’ll feel like an ice skater for the Olympics. 😉


And now I am home, ready to enjoy some nog (this is the BEST KIND OMG. Only 90 calories a serving, but the coconut makes it thick and creamy and delightful without being too rich) and Christmas movies, card making/signing and pillow sewing. Huzzah.


2 thoughts on “December Shopping!!

  1. The white dress looks like it was made for you. Be sure to wear nude/white underwear, and it could use a slip if you want to wear dark stockings. (The black looks great with it. 🙂


    • Oh, excellent call on the slip!! I hadn’t thought of that, but that will be very helpful. I love how twirly it is, and the length just feels perfect. It was a total find, and I’m so pleased with it!


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