31 December 2013: so long and farewell to 2013

I had all these plans to do roundups, favorite outfits, etc. Whatevs. The year is almost over, lets focus forward instead. After we discuss this amazing vintage beaded cardigan I found yesterday, anyway.


Gap long sleeved tee, Old Navy sweetheart skinny jeans, vintage Ruth Mook beaded cardigan , BoC Canty Booties

Look at those sparkles! 4/5 female staff members in my department were in sparkles today, ha. I found it quite surprisingly at the consignment shop for $12, and it came home with me for $5. It’s so perfect! It’s even got hooks and eyes to fasten it.


It’s also freaking cold out there. I had fleece lined tights under the jeans and I still froze. We’re in for about 8-10 inches of snow through Thursday and wave one started this afternoon. It’s all gorgeous and and magical looking with sparkles but the below zero windchills means it was too hard to get photos. This was all I managed before going numb:



It’s messy enough that it was hard to find the sidewalks at corners, and you can see a bit of sparkle if the second pic.

Time to settle in with some chips and dip and a marathon of….something. Hope you all have a happy new year!!


4 thoughts on “31 December 2013: so long and farewell to 2013

  1. Sparkly snow sounds so pretty. The rare snow we get down here is usually pretty wet looking & heavy. Not fluffy snow like I imagine from holiday movies & Christmas cards. LOL
    I love sequined & sparkly things but yet the only thing I own that fits the description is a black sequined minaudière bag.
    Cracked me up that the 1st commenter said her G’ma had the same cardigan! LOL
    Instantly reminded me of that scene from Caddyshack when Rodney Dangerfield’s character is walking around the golf store & makes fun of a striped fedora hat on a display, then Ted Knight’s character comes into view wearing the same exact hat & Rodney says “Oh, but it looks good on you!”.
    Not at all implying that she was busting on you, but it just reminded me of that scene in the movie.
    Anyhoo, hope you had a “Merry New Year” (apparently I’m on a movie quote kick now) & don’t forget to eat Hoppin’ John, collards & rice for luck today!
    Now I gotta go queue up Caddyshack to watch as I take down the holiday decorations! LOL


    • It is! It’s lovely. It’s been so frustrating that I can’t photograph and share because it’s so horrifically cold. Blah.
      For as much as I love sparkle, it’s shocking how few sparkly things I own! Your bag does sound fabulous though.
      Happy new year!!


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