3 and 6 January 2014: Insanely Cold!

So, I am sitting at my computer in fleece pajamas and socks, under a blanket. That’s because it’s -14* outside, with a -37* windchill. Thank God my library closed today – I was really anxious about getting in and out of my parking lot, since walking isn’t safe. Getting my car into its spot between two other cars on Friday in the remnants of 6 inches of snow was nervewracking and scary, and that was 8 inches of snow ago. Fingers crossed I can walk tomorrow morning.

It wasn’t this cold on Friday, it was probably about 10 or 15*, but the library has been pretty chilly lately, so I layered up.20140106-110231.jpg

Eddie Bauer thermal shirt, Old Navy Sweetheart Skinny jeans (with fleece tights under), anthropologie Incantation Cardigan, kadyellebee Wren shawlet, Sweet 554 Mary Janes

For some reason, I have always had a hard time introducing not solid socks into my outfits. I am trying a little bit, though – these have stripes, at least, and the brave outfit had snowflakes. It’s something.

I loved the kick of orange from the shawl, but it was also super cute and coordinated on its own. I’d never thought to wear these two tops together, but they went together perfectly.


And then there’s yesterday/today. I must brave the cold to start my car a few times a day. Whimper.


(Picture the scarf over my nose with just my glasses and bangs peeking out.) That’s not even my heaviest coat, since I’m just taking a few steps out the door, but it is on top of two layers of clothing.

The extra time does, however, mean I did my nails last night since I could stay up past Downton Abbey:


An homage to the foot of snow on the ground. OPI I Don’t Give a Rotterdam with Sinful’s Ice Dream. I’ve been browsing Pinterest’s nail ideas again, heh. I like how the colors look together. Unfortunately, the OPI has gotten thick and goopy since I last used it a few weeks ago, augh. Must see if I can fix it. It’s a perfect color.

Gotta figure out my snow day marathon – Clueless + Romola Garai’s Emma, perhaps? Something to ponder while I go start my car and wish I had a garage…


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