7 January 2013: ALL THE WOOL OMG

In an effort to stay warm in our still below zero temperatures (-1/-17* windchill), I am layered and wearing lots of wool. Wool sweater. Wool socks. Wool fingerless gloves. Wool shawl. Wool duster sweater. Wool wool wool. Plus long underwear. And double socks. And I am still so, so, so cold. Far colder today at work than I was at home yesterday. Bewildering.


Gap sweater, JCrew tissue tee, Old Navy sweetheart skinny jeans, Kadyellebee Wren shawlet, Forever 21 necklace, snowflake necklace, Merona wool otk socks, Bass Heritage boots

Shiver shiver shiver. Whine whine whine.

If the temps are above zero tomorrow morning, I hope to walk to work again. My parking lot gives me fits of nerves! Time to go see what other wool sweaters I own…





3 thoughts on “7 January 2013: ALL THE WOOL OMG

  1. What do I own that’s wool? Maybe I might have something with a % of wool in it, but I don’t think I have much “full wool” clothing. Oh wait, my peacoat! USN-issued. That’s like 68 lbs of solid pure wool!


  2. I think that one day in December, I wore like 7 handknit items to brave the cold. 😛 luckily, i don’t have a shortage of wool, its just difficult to move with that many items on!

    This is another lovely combo with your shawl 🙂 These jeans look really good, too, are they new?

    (also, i normally comment with Twitter authentication, but its not working at the moment so I did Facebook, sorry if it sends you a bunch of moderation requests!)


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