8 and 9 January 2013: Layers

All the layers were worn this week. Why wear just jeans and a sweater when you can wear long underwear, long sleeved tops and two pairs of socks at once?

20140111-124554.jpgAnthropologie sweater, Gap long sleeved top, Old Navy Sweetheart Skinny jeans, JCrew Factory heart scarf, Crown Vintage booties

I got this sweater on double sale from anthropologie a year or two ago, and I so rarely wear it. It’s a little itchy, and I worry it makes me look bulky. I think it also may hit at an awkward place. I like the red top under it, though, which makes it purply. Thoughts? Keep or consign? It is a gorgeous color.

20140111-124605.jpgthirfted turtleneck, Gap long sleeved top, Target blue necklace, Old Navy sweetheart skinny jeans, floral hairscarf, BoC Canty Booties

I got this necklace on clearance a year ago and haven’t been able to figure out how to wear it. I’ve been wanting to pair it with this turtleneck for weeks and it finally worked out!

Someone has clearly been up to some Pinterest tricks with the snow:




It’s purple on all sides of the apartment building, heh.


One thought on “8 and 9 January 2013: Layers

  1. I don’t see the purple making you look bulky – if its itchy, tho, thats a good enough reason to ditch it. I do love it with that scarf – you should def get something better that has similar coloring πŸ˜€

    and the green sweater with the necklace is a great combo! The green is also great with that lipstick πŸ™‚


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