13 January 2014: New clothes!

I got this super adorable outfit for Christmas and I’ve been going crazy waiting to wear it – I just picked the sweater up from the dry cleaners on Saturday. The dry cleaners wouldn’t do the skirt because of the fabric mix, which was frustrating. I generally can’t wear unwashed clothing, because I’m allergic to whatever factories put on clothing on the rack. I get rashes and can’t breathe well – it’s made for interesting stories in the past. But I figure that as long as I wear tights with it, I’ll be fine. Otherwise, I’ll need to figure out how to wash the lining without the rest of it, heh.


JCrew houndstooth banded skirt, JCrew Merino Charley sweater, tights, Charlotte Russe hairband, Forever 21 necklace, Crown Vintage booties

This necklace refuses to detangle. I’ve been working on it all morning, but I think that I am getting closer to pretending that it’s deliberate, heh.

I think my styling was a little risky, but I like how it ended up. Okay, yes,  maybe I consider this a very Rachel Berry/Lea Michele skirt and was unduly influenced. Whatevs. My hair is the perfect length for Vala hair and I’m going to rock it as long as possible, and I got patron compliments.

I’ve been considering your thoughts on outfits for next week. New maybes:

Insight pencil skirt + (blue cowl sweater? Maybe too on point. Mint cardi? Grey cardi?)

Tweed Midi skirt + (cardi? Today’s sweater?)

Kate Spade tweed skirt + (today’s sweater? Grey sweater with cardi?)

Today’s skirt? Today’s outfit? (Minus the hair. And tights. Picture black tights, probably. And maybe the blue JCrew scarf I wore last week.)

Things to consider:
shoes (today’s ankle boots, BoC Canty Booties, Bass boots are best bets. Mary Jane heels too iffy with weather.)

coats (Steve Madden? Toggle coat? All my cute coats are fall. I hope the temperatures stay temperate.)



2 thoughts on “13 January 2014: New clothes!

  1. Vala hair!! awesome…

    I do love the fit and style of the JCrew dress you linked in the last post. This today outfit is also great. Your Insight and Kate Spade tweed skirts are both classy and age appropriate. I don’t think you want to go completely colorless or too mature, but to look like YOUR classy self 🙂 whatever you wear, you’ll do great 🙂


  2. Oh cast my vote for the Insight skirt! That whole look is spot on for your & very figure flattering! Loved the red of the skirt & the cardi – yup that’s my vote!


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