Julep has long been sending me emails about the Maven boxes. I love the idea, but that’s a lot of nail polis being sent to me. I was intrigued by their chemical-less formulas, but $14 for a tiny bottle made me cringe.

Then came their post-Christmas sale! Tiny bottles for $2, $3 or $4? Bring it on!!!

I’ve been looking for a sheer-ish champagne color since the Lizzie Bennet Diaries last spring. Enter Ellie and Lois.


Lois is the browner shade on my fourth nail, Ellie is on the others. They are very similar in color. Lois only took two coats and has lasted a week with no chipping and a tiny bit of wear. Ellie took three or four and has major chipping on my right hand and a tiny bit on my left hand. I didn’t use top coat, though.

I wanted a bit of sheen and shine that wouldn’t show chipping for my adventure this week, and this was exactly what I needed. I do love them both – I think Ellie especially looks best with short nails, which I don’t often have, but I plan to use it anyway. I think it’ll go better with touch ups (I didn’t bring the polish with me) and top coats along the way.

Now, would I pay $14 for these? Unsure. I’ll let you know after I’ve tested the amazing copper penny color I also bought, to test out pigmentation.


2 thoughts on “Julep!

  1. I subbed to the monthly Julep box thing for a few months, but ended up ditching at as the polishes were just ok. For a lot less, I could get a lot better brand of polish in a larger bottle AND a bottle that doesn’t fall over as easily. Mark my words – you’ll cry a zillion tears after cussing like a drunken sailor when one of those Julep bottles tips over. Argh! But yep, for 2-4 bucks a bottle, it’s a good deal!


    • Ha! That is very good to know – I’ve been making sure to have paper towels down no matter what when I touch up. I have found the brozne, Dakota, to be excellent quality – long lasting, chip resistant, streak free and solid in one coat. But based on the other colors I got, quality is a mixed bag. I love the idea of a subscription box, though. I’m considering birchbox or something like it. If I can get myself to spend the money on it, heh.


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