28 and 30 January 2014: Seriously.

It’s 30* warmer than it was on Tuesday! And it’s still 24* outside. Tuesday, I rebelled with spring, today, I embraced my inner (and outer) penguin. It’s all good.


Abercrombie and Fitch top, Free People beaded angora cardigan, Old Navy sweetheart skinny jeans, Merona otk socks, flower hairband, Forever 21 Love necklace, Bass Heritage boots

I can’t wait to wear skirts and tights again. I long for the day, in fact. But I did get to debut my latest consignment shop purchase – this Free People cardigan, which I nabbed for under $10. That’s $20 less than the original consignment price and at least $80 or $90 off retail. It’s soft and warm and so so pretty! I’m really excited about it.


anthropologie Emporer Kiss sweater, Old Navy sweetheart skinny jeans, Crown Vintage booties

At least I didn’t have to wear long underwear (CuddlDuds ROCK) under the jeans today!! First time in a long time.

We got a bit of snow this afternoon and we’re supposed to get about 8 more inches Saturday. We still have at least 8 inches frozen on the ground! This is pretty unusual. I am looking forward to hibernating under a blanket all day. I found Twinings Chai and Christmas tea K-cups on sale for $2 a box, and it’s actually even better than my tea bags. I need to get more, but not until I spend all weekend drinking what I have. Yuuuuum.

Also, I do know I’ve skipped days. Most recently, yesterday! I’ll post it and tomorrow’s together, since they are conference wear. (Um, jeans. Polar vortex, what can I say?) But most importantly, my adventure! I surprisingly did not get a picture of me wearing it in action, but I have the test photos. And a pic of me in the coat I wore over it. (Spoiler alert: Not the one I bought for $15 the day before I left! AUGH.)

Just finished the Starbucks oatmeal I got for dinner (delicious! and warm!) and am regretting not adding a cranberry bliss bar to my order. Bummer.


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