January 2014 Adventure

I thought I was going to post some details of my adventure here once it was over, but I think I’ll refrain. I do want to remain un-googlable. But I can say that it involved Washington DC. And while I didn’t end up in the main press conference with video and still photographers, I did still get interviewed and quoted in the newspaper. And it was still definitely an amazing adventure.

This is what I ended up wearing:


Super comfortable, classy, bright not overly so, and good rich jewel colors to show up in any photos that ended up not being done. The woman I adventured with wore a long sleeved dress that was colorblocked white and black on a diagonal across the whole dress, with a hot pink coat. We looked pretty good together.

This is the coat I wore because it was 20 degrees outside:

2014-01-21 08.15.13

This is the winter gear I ended up having to wear on my daily 5-6 mile walks after the snow started:

2014-01-21 16.01.44

Can you even see where I am through the snow? Visibility was very low.

2014-01-22 11.30.58

Here’s a shot of my amazing new scarf I got for $10 -wool knit with a layer of sequins inside. Me and Vincent are waiting for the Doctor to show up. ❤ (I also saw our country’s only DaVinci, which was mad cool.)

I also visited the World War II memorial twice, because that’s how I roll:2014-01-20_11865 2014-01-21_11974

The day-before-snowstorm sunset was pretty amazing:

2014-01-20_11867 2014-01-20_11857

It felt centered over the Lincoln Memorial, which was fitting for MLK Day.


(Which, btw, gorgeous at night.)

The Korean Memorial is haunting in the twilight:


Don’t visit the Vietnam Memorial at night, though. It’s barely lit and you can’t see the names. Go in daylight. I had to go back another day to really see it and to find an old friend of my dad’s.

2014-01-21_11953 2014-01-21_11957

(Also, try not to go during a snowstorm. It’s downhill and I almost fell several times.)

The whole mall was amazing in the snow. It was a very peaceful walk.


I hit: The war memorials, American History museum, American Indian Museum (best lunch!! Buffalo chili on flatbread and a rosemary tart), National Gallery, National Archives (BEST GIFT SHOP OMG I WANTED IT ALL), and the Castle, plus walked by a lot of other places (see photos above) and had a wonderful time. I only meant to duck into the National Art Gallery for a few minutes, to see Abbot Suger’s chalice he used with my beloved Eleanor of Acquitaine, but that was off display and I spent over an hour exploring and being blown away. I loved the National Archives, but was much more interested in the ephemera around the Constitution, Declaration, etc – the first drafts with Washington’s handwritten changes, for example. The stuff I haven’t seen images of before. I was severely disappointed that the computers were down and I couldn’t create my own D-Day newsreel, but I still loved hearing FDR’s First Fireside Chat. American History is still my favorite, but I was surprised by how much they had changed up since my last visit 5 years ago, which was great. New stuff! I was bummed to be there the week in between the Little Golden Books and Holocaust exhibits, though.

(Also, had I turned left instead of right when I discovered Ford’s Theater closed because of the snowstorm (along with everything else in DC), I would have ended up right at their local anthropologie. BUMMER.)


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