3, 4, 5 February 2014: Oy, Poodles, Etc.

I feel like all anyone can talk about these days is the weather – and I am clearly no exception. We haven’t been above freezing in weeks, and it’s not in our forecast. We got another few inches of snow last night, and it’s snowing again. We have at least a foot of frozen snow on the ground. It’s madness.


I finally decided to fuck it all. Yes, I’m walking to work. Yes, I am wearing skirts. Yes, I am unbelievably cold when I do those things in combination, but whatever. It’s for my sanity.


Teefury Karen Hallion Sleeping Beauty/Tenth Doctor shirt, JCrew skirt, CuddlDuds, Crown Vintage booties

It helped that I wore long underwear as leggings on Monday, I won’t lie.

But look at my shirt!!! It got delivered when I was at my parents a week or two ago, prompting this conversation:

Me: It’s here! My shirt is here!!!

Mom: Oh, God. Doctor Who or Disney?

Me: BOTH!!

Look at that! Aurora dancing with the animals wearing the Tenth Doctor’s gear. How is that not perfect? I own her Cinderella shirt already, and it turns out she has an entire Disney fairy tale/Doctor Who line at Redbubble and Etsy. I’m considering a print or two and a phone case.

But the Cinderella shirt has a vastly different fit, even though I ordered girly L for both – I suspect they sent me the regular adult fit for Cindy, sadly.


anthropologie top, anthropologie belt, JCrew tiered skirt, Merona fleece lined tights, Crown Vintage booties

New belt!! This is the one I got on Boxing Day sale for under $25. I really do love it. It’s stretchy enough that I can wear it on my hips with jeans or fitted at my waist. And it’s a bow! With sequins!


Forever 21 peter pan collar sweater, DKNY wrap skirt, JCrew tights, vintage key necklace, Merona OTK socks, Naturalizer mary jane heels

This week is getting to me. This YEAR is getting to me. I needed to feel like I at least looked fabulous today.

I got this skirt at the consignment store. It fit, as created, but was snug when I sat down. Since it’s a wrap skirt, I added a second button that fit me better and now it’s perfect. I had some concerns that less fabric left to wrap would be problematic, but it’s not – you can’t tell at all when I sit at a desk or walk, and the slit isn’t high enough to be a problem if I scoot away from the desk.

PS, I totally walked around like this for half an hour trying to decide.


Final call: the short sock looked better, the knee sock was warmer. Warmth had to win out.

Also, if you get a chance to order Starbucks’ new almond croissant, do it! It’s amazing. Almost coffee cake-like. Major yum.

3 thoughts on “3, 4, 5 February 2014: Oy, Poodles, Etc.

  1. yay for the Karen Hallion shirt! I love her stuff ๐Ÿ™‚ I absolutely love how you paired the anthro top with the belt and skirt – what a great combo! and i think the knee socks worked well with the last outfit, even tho you picked for warmth ๐Ÿ™‚


    • She is so great! I love her Tink/Tardis and Hermione/Ten a lot. So clever. And thanks! The orange/green seemed like it could go either way, but I really want to play more with the belt. It’s just so cute!


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