6 and 7 January 2014: decision impaired

It’s funny how many days this week have involved me either changing half way through the day, wearing two elements of outfits to decide or going through multiple items in the quest for an outfit.


Modcloth Glamorous bodysuit, Forever 21 skirt, Kate Spade Kati jeweled cardigan, kadyellebee Wren shawlet, Hue socks, Naturalizer Mary Janes

Not what I started the day in, but I liked it. I got several comments on it. (One patron asked me if I was a dancer because of my legs. !!! I couldn’t tell if it was a compliment or passive aggression.) Lots and lots of colors, but it was a grey subzero day. Necessary.

See what’s new?


I’m so torn. I put them on and loved them. My coworker literally squealed when she saw them. But then I started to feel that they were 80s in a bad way? And maybe not my color? Except I like them a lot. I think.


Gap sweater, Modcloth sparkle skirt, Merona fleece lined tights, crown vintage booties

I ended up having to be interviewed on film for my adventure after all, and went with this. Nice jewel color, made me feel good, fits well. I even put on eye shadow and mascara and I think it was noticeable! (Somehow, it’s often not.) the interview went well – the guy said I was a natural on camera and that this should be what I do as a job. Ha!! I liked hearing it, but I think he’s crazy.


2 thoughts on “6 and 7 January 2014: decision impaired

  1. OOooOoOoH I totally dig the new frames! Super cute. They would be vintage 80’s if they had a lightening bolt on the arm or a streak of neon running thru them. The shape is great for your face!
    LOL about the passive-aggresive comment. I used to wear scrubs pants, but JCrew fitted crewneck long-sleeve tee’s to work (cause scrub tops are awkward to wear). Anyhoo, a lady commented that I must be the fashionable one of the office. But she said “the fashionable one” using air quotes & her eyes were rolled waaay up high. Dang lady.
    Love your last outfit the best! The one w/the Gap sweater & Mdcloth skirt – super cute!


    • Yay! Thank you – I needed to hear that. I’ll practice wearing them again this weekend, see what outfits they look best with. And thanks, I’m really glad that it ended up working out. I spent an entire webinar noting down all the sweaters and skirts I own and trying to connect them in positive ways, ha.

      Also, that lady sucks! Geez!!


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