10 and 11 January 2014: Team USA!

And Team Norway! Team Russia! Team Italy! I like a lot of Olympians this year. The men’s curling team from Norway are not only great players, they are pretty across the board super cute. Russian figure skaters have rocked my world (and this includes my beloved Yevgeny Plushenko) and Italian skater Carolina Foster gave my favorite performance in the team skate.


H&M skater dress, H&M cardigan, Hue tights, antique key necklace, Bass Heritage boots


Topshop skater dress, Loft cardigan, anthropologie belt, tights, vintage flower pin, bib necklace, Crown Vintage boots

I love the length of the cardi with this dress, but it didn’t quite look right at the top. Oh, well. Love the pink and white, love dressing like an ice skater, hee. I adore this belt and think it looked great, but it did make the skirt a bit shorter, oops. Nothing quite like dancing in storytime and keeping control of your skirt at the same time!


One thought on “10 and 11 January 2014: Team USA!

  1. So I managed to watch a few bits of the Olympics last night – men’s figure skating & the skiing event where they zig & zag around the bendy pole things. Think it’s called downhill skiing. Can you tell I’m clueless about wintery snowy sports-related stuff. Anyhoo, ended up flipping channels & forgot all about the Olympics once I got wrapped up in TMZ. haha! Priorities!


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