12 and 13 February 2014: valentines and galentines

I was off Valentines Day, because I worked yesterday instead, so I tried to get my pink and red in earlier.


Charlotte Russe drape back top, Ann Taylor Loft skirt, vintage beaded cardigan, JCrew tights, Naturalizer Mary Janes


JCrew Charley sweater, Kate Spade Jillian skirt, tights, Crown Vintage booties

I’ve been on a Call the Midwife kick again…I always love the show, but Shelagh and Patrick in the Christmas special just got to me. I spontaneously undeleted it from my TiVo and rewatched, now I’m starting over from season 1. It’s crazy how many of these unreal-seeming stories were actually true!

So, I decided to get creative with curlers, a la Jenny and Trixie. All I had was Velcro rollers, but they did pretty well. The two front spirals stayed put all day, even just on a no product wet set. Next time I’ll try using hair spray or mousse as I set it. It was dead easy and quick, so totally possible to try again. And maybe in the future I’ll try to find setting spray or better rollers!





2 thoughts on “12 and 13 February 2014: valentines and galentines

  1. Super cute with curled locks! I think Emily of Beauty Broadcast did a vid about an affordable, quick ‘n easy roller set that she digs. This is what gets me about curled hair. Curled hair looks polished, sleek & pretty. Curly hair (me) looks like a hot mess the very second I turn to leave my bathroom. But it’s either that or straighten it for what feels like an eternity only to get all frizzy wonky the very second I turn to leave my bathroom. See a trend here. Either way, I single-handedly keep hair styling product companies in business.
    Btw, love the pruple accents on your frames!


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