Hair Woe

I don’t know how much of this has been obvious – my photographs tend to be at a distance – but I have been having some huge hair problems the past few weeks/months.

I don’t even know when it began. I have a lot of issues with most shampoos, because SLS breaks out my skin pretty badly. I used Lush’s one SLS-free shampoo, I Love Juicy, for awhile, but it’s not meant to be used daily. I looked to the drugstore for SLS free options. I started using Garnier Fructis this fall, and I think my problems started after that. When they became noticeably worse in December, I switched to -ology, which was on sale at Walgreens and was all about being SLS and paraben free. Nope. Bad bad bad. It went from, “This isn’t great” to “This is horrible!!”

Basically, my normally well behaved hair had turned into a greasy oil slick. Even just after a shower, it wasn’t clean. When I’d touch my hair, it felt waxy and left residue on my fingers! My brushes and combs were a messy, sticky, white mess. I was so confused. I hadn’t changed anything – I’ve never used product. I don’t even use conditioner! – but I worked harder to rinse it out. I used less. I started skipping days for hairwashing. Nothing worked.

I wondered if it was scalp issues – in years past, I’ve flaked so badly I couldn’t wear black, but that hadn’t been an issue this year. Still, I did some research and found Trader Joe’s tea tree shampoo and started it.  Dude, check out the ingredient differences between it and -ology!!!!


Clearly there are other chemicals that my body can’t handle! After a few weeks, it was maybe better – less white stuff on my combs, still waxy to the touch.  It was pretty distressing. Research has netted some suggestions on why – stress, hormones, hard water – but not a lot of solutions.  In desperation, I decided to follow the “no-poo” regimen. I washed with a sludge of baking soda and water and then did an apple cider vinegar rinse.

And glory be, my hair is back!!! I don’t know if I want to stick with it as my main regimen, but maybe once a week? Or maybe I’ll mix some baking soda in with my Trader Joe shampoo once or twice a week? I’m certainly not using GF or -ology shampoo ever again – lots of complaints online about Pantene doing this, but never those brands. Still, they clearly don’t agree with me.

Of course, now that I’ve managed to get all buildup out of my hair, it’s super flyaway!! My poor, poor bangs.

I got a little nervous today when my bangs/crown seemed oily again, so I added some baking soda to my shampoo tonight. I guess we’ll see what happens. Fingers crossed.



2 thoughts on “Hair Woe

  1. For what it’s worth; I am, and have been, shampoo free for over 3 years! My mother stopped using it about 9 months ago. You do not need it. The BS paste and SC rinse thing is good to do once in a while, but friction and water is all you need for your regular hair cleaning regimen!

    Conditioning, is something else. You’ll need to find whatever works best for your hair- which is likely going to not be what mine needs. 😉 But. parabens are best avoided. Also, anything that ends in ‘cone’ can be rough on hair. The more natural and basic, the better. If you’re into it there are tons of recipes for hair conditioner online, almost all made from stuff you can find at grocery stores.


    • I may need to try it. The baking soda/shampoo mix might be a solution – my crown looks great, it’s less great on the back of my head, where maybe I didn’t focus as much. It’s super frustrating! I’ve never conditioned much ever, but I did buy some coconut oil at Trader Joe, which I hear works well on hair and skin. Time to experiment, I guess!


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