1 March 2014: sparkle on

New Cardi! My friend and I met at the mall Friday for lunch, snuggling with her baby boy and shopping. It was a fantastic afternoon, and I capped it off at anthropologie, where I found this cardigan marked down from $138 to $20.


anthropologie Paillette cardigan, Gap tee shirt, Merona skater skirt, Hue fleece lined rights, Charlotte Russe hairband, Forever 21 phone booth necklace, winter boots

And I wore it the next day for my library’s annual trivia night! It was the perfect amount of sparkle. Yes, I shed at least 5 or 6 little sequins over the course of the day, but they’re so randomly placed I can lose many more before it’s noticeable, ha. I do love it, it was pretty much an instant YES from me. It even buttons up nicely! I’ve been wanting more cropped length options, too.

Trivia was fabulous, too – my friend was the host and came up with all the questions, and I had a few friends join me for a small team. We battled our way up from last place, to second to last place, to sixth best (of 24 teams). We felt we redeemed ourselves! We were two librarians and two authors, so you would hope we would do decently, ha.

Oh, I also took the opportunity to try on the last Capelli skirt in stock on Friday, as well.


I had long been curious. It was a 6, but it was very snug. It buttoned, but not comfortably – other reviews do say it runs small. I don’t think it’s my style, it’s a little too fluffy, but I kind of dig it.


What do you think?

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