3 and 4 March: winter is coming

Again and again. Forever.

(PS, I am still a snow princess. I like the snow. I don’t like this cold. And even I think spring can start to make an appearance.)


JCrew Merino Charley sweater, Forever 21 plaid skirt, JCrew tights, Forever 21 necklace, Crown Vintage booties

Nothing like mixing high and low brands, right? Ha. But I actually love how this came out. And this is, I think, my favorite sweater. I’d actually going to miss wearing it once spring starts! I wish I loved the other colors it comes in, because it keeps going on sale for $30, but they seem too bright.


Continuing to play with my hair! This is sort of modeled after Call the Midwife, but I couldn’t get a knot to stay put. My hair broke two bobby pins, sigh.


Forever 21 sailor sweater, anthropologie Blomma Embroidered skirt, ribbed tights, Crown Vintage booties

I love this skirt, but it always feels so distinctly winter to me. Slipping in a probably final wear for this season. I love how it looks with the sailor top, though I’m also surprised by how it fits. I think of it as pencil, but I think it’s more A line. And it’s so structured that it just always does its thing, independent of me. But I love it and wish I remembered that enough to wear it more often!


2 thoughts on “3 and 4 March: winter is coming

  1. The Charley sweaters are awesome. As far as brights goes – there seems to be a bright trend going on. Lots of neon stuff everywhere.
    The bright stuff can be fun & can knock the edge off traditional neutrals & can still be professional/work-appropriate. People survived the 80’s with neon everything!
    I’m not a big fan of pastels on me & favor jewel-tones, but come summer – the jewel tones look away outta place. So I opt for the bright day glow stuff in a there-fixed-it sorta way. LOL
    Anyways, yeah the Blomma skirt does have a winter vibe to it. Cream & red seem wintery.


    • Aren’t they? I don’t generally mind brights (though neon isn’t my favorite), but this sweater just calls out for really rich colors – navy, forest, etc. The colors don’t match what I want them to be! Maybe I should go with that brighter blue, though. It’d probably transition in spring and fall pretty nicely.


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