5 and 6 March 2014: Yep. still winter

It snowed for 12 hours yesterday. We are ten inches away from the snowiest winter on record – I think we’re in fourth now. Tomorrow we might see 45, though! And then more snow forecast next week. Of course.


Merona polka dot tank top, JCrew Jackie cardigan, Talbot’s skirt, vintage brooch, Charlotte Russe hairband, White Cliff flats

Yep, still on my retro kick. Even musically – I’ve mostly been listening to 50s and early 60s standards. It’s fun. Latest favorite is Vic Damone, who I had somehow never known before.

I was despairing with this top, though. A sweater clip didn’t look right over the ruffles, and buttoning anyway did odd things to my shape. So, I pinned the cardigan in place – the brooch attaches it to the tank, and then there’s a safety pin doing the same on the other side. Kept it just where I wanted, easy peasy. I need to remember to do that again.

Also, check the hair:


I’d seen this on Pinterest about a year ago, as a way to curl your hair without heat. I tried it immediately, but my hair wasn’t log enough then. But then my mother sent a version to me where you just kept your hair like this, I tried again, and it’s long enough! Yay! I wore it like this overnight to curl, but it didn’t work – my hair was still wet when I woke up and it was limp. So  I rolled and tucked it back up and wore it Downton Abbey style. I loved it! Super fun, and I got compliments.

Then before I bed, I took it out and voila:


Curls! Based on the size of the chunks of hair I grabbed and rolled, which is good to know. I’ll try this again at some point, probably started the wrapping/curls up higher and in more uniform pieces. But the curls lasted all night even as I slept, which is impressive.


JCrew button back top, Old navy sweetheart skinny jeans, Modcloth Airport Greeting cardigan, boots

Crap, must remember to go grab a necklace. I had this with a skirt originally, but the cardigan looked like a blazer! I looked like an office worker! Even with it half zipped! That is never my goal. It’s better with jeans, but I will have to experiment with other skirts and bottoms and see what works.

I’ve been eyeing this vintage 50s dress for a week or two now. Thoughts?


2 thoughts on “5 and 6 March 2014: Yep. still winter

  1. Your hair in the roll & post-roll curls both look amazing! Well done!
    LOL, the stuff I tend to try from Pinterest are usually things that end up making my butt bigger – like dessert.
    Congrats on the near-record snow fall too! Teehee


    • I’m so excited about the roll and curls – can’t wait to try it again, more purposefully. I’ve tried a wide range of Pinterest things (and even have a board with those pins), and I’ve had some pretty good successes. My lasagna cupcakes are pretty fun.

      I think we’re poised to hit 3rd place tonight – we’re only 2.5 inches away, and they are forecasting anywhere between 2 and 10. LOL


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