7 and 8 March 2014: Come Rain or Shine

I legit forgot what I wore on Friday (note: it’s only Sunday) and was confused by the photos waiting for me. Awesome! I do at least remember what I wore yesterday, so that’s something.


Maurice’s bow top, JCrew button skirt, JCrew Jackie cardigan, Charlotte Russe hairband, pendant, BoC Canty Booties

I think it’s because I knew it wasn’t a fantastic outfit, but it was serviceable, and spring-y colors. (No, spring still hasn’t sprung, but I’ve started dressing like it has anyway.)


anthropologie neo-gingham crossback tee, Old Navy sweetheart skinny jeans, anthropologie cardigan, XO Crown necklace, anthropologie hairband, Naturalizer mary janes

My friend and I went to go see Matthew Morrison perform last night! It was absolutely wonderful – he sang only standards and jazz (his one Glee song performed was Sway) and he sounds 110% better live than recorded. He was funny, enthusastic, giddy, smart and even his soft shoe dancing was endearing. I really hate his character on Glee, but I really love his music.

Last year, we went to see Audra McDonald at the same place. And while I remembered that I’d been either under or over dressed, I thought it was over. WRONG. And I was criminally underdressed again. I mean, yes – some people were in jeans, and there were kids there. But most people were all super fancy and you all know how much I love super fancy. SIGH. I’d thought to wear my yellow polka dotted frock, but didn’t think of it at all yesterday. Oh, well. I’ll remember for next year – it’ll be Mandy Patinkin and Nathan Gunn.

Anyway, our seats were sublime – second row mezz, dead center. It was crazy good. And check out the piano player –



If you watch Glee, you should recognize Brad the piano guy! Brad Ellis is also Matt’s musical director and band leader. Awesome.


3 thoughts on “7 and 8 March 2014: Come Rain or Shine

  1. Gah – love the Naturalizer Mary Jane’s! Gorgeous!
    Uh, man I can sure manage to be over-dressed or under-dressed more often than not. I’ve learned to live with that short-coming & choose my battles carefully not constantly! LOL


    • Aren’t they fantastic? I love them so much. They aren’t super great barefoot, I pre-bandaged the back of my heels, but I am hoping they wear in a bit.

      I usually end up somewhat overdressed, because that’s how I like to dress, so I get grumpy when I end up underdressed. Like, augh, missed opportunity!!!


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