9 and 10 March 2014: Sweet Sunshine

I love springing ahead. The sunshine! It’s amazing! Plus it was in the 50s yesterday. (Yes, more snow tonight and tomorrow. But still. 50s!)


Hero and Leander blouse, Lilly Pulitzer skirt, H&M cardigan, Charlote Russe hairband, Forever 21 flower clip, Biviel tstrap heels

Dressing all springlike to celebrate the first spring ahead day! My friend picked up this blouse for me at a clothes swap last year. I liked it, but had a hard time figuring out how to wear it. (Also, it’s a bit big; I ignore the side zip.) But I think playing it up as lavender instead of grey is going to be the way to go. I love how it looks with this skirt!



Harry David shell, Old Navy sweetheart skinny jeans, JCrew Jackie cardigan, necklace, Kenneth Cole Reaction heels

More swap stuff! The shell, same friend and same swap. The shoes, the swap I attended a few weeks ago. I love the style and they are so comfortable. But I wish they were a darker brown! I hope to get used to them.

And check it: I only needed a LIGHT JACKET.




From Charlie and Robin. Man, it was so nice.

Basically, yesterday was the best day off in ages. I had a relaxing morning, exchanged my movie ticket, hit Target, bought lovely dresses and a LAMP OMG IT WAS ABOUT TIME, went to Zumba, rocked Zumba, assembled the lamp, took down my Christmas tree (don’t judge. Long winter), played with lighting configurations, and ordered a second lamp I’m about to go pick up this morning. So awesome. And check these dresses:



I fell in love with the blue and bought it despite my bra strap peeking no matter what I tried. I figured I could return it if necessary, but that won’t be necessary, because my other bra works fine. YAY!

I love the backs on both of these. What do you guys think?


2 thoughts on “9 and 10 March 2014: Sweet Sunshine

  1. I do def like the backs on the two dresses. they show off your pretty shape! The blue might benefit from a sash or belt too. the light jacket is super cute, what a nice addition to your wardrobe – its totally your style 🙂


    • Aren’t they fun?? I like this trend of fun backs, bra straps still covered, huzzah. I agree, though, the blue’s elastic pretty much needs a sash/belt of some sort! I think I have a few options.


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