14 March 2014: Casual Friday

Probably too casual. I’m a sleepy gal. It happens.


Gap tshirt, Old Navy sweetheart skinny jeans, Gap boyfriend cardigan, Mickey Mouse sparkle hairclips, pendent necklace, Converse

Curly hair is fancy and totally balances the jeans and converse, y/y? I am totally digging the curls, which are super fun to wear, and were super fun to have flop in my face during exaggerated storytime movements. The back doesn’t look as curly as the sides, I think because of how I wound it, so I’ll keep working on it.

You know what would look good with this hair, though? This dress. I want it so badly. At least it’s under $400? I am hoping for sale before this summer. I would be so delighted.

Okay, but really, so exhausted.  I’m facing a two hour drive tonight, and I do not know how it will happen. I suppose with a trip to Starbucks, but caffeine sometimes just gives me a headache instead of energy. Frappacino? Sugar + coffee, yo. Maybe. Yawn.

My coworker bought us a flower to put between our desks yesterday. ❤



4 thoughts on “14 March 2014: Casual Friday

  1. Stalk the Kate Spade dress like it’s your job, Everything always goes on sale w/KS at super crazy times – like the very next day. No rhyme or reason that I can tell. It’s really adorable & looks like it was made for you! Also check around to see if it’s also being sold on another website like Net-a-Porter & stalk them as well.


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