20 and 21 March 2014: Spring-ish

It hit 60 yesterday! It was just barely warm enough to wear what I wore! But before we get to that, Thursday’s sweater and snow.


Copperplate sequin fox sweater, Old Navy flirt skirt, Old Navy tights, Crown Vintage booties

Isn’t the sweater adorable?? I got it at the clothes swap and I absolutely love it. Color, fit, cute little fox, everything.

And see, totally woke up to snow, which had melted to this by the time I set out for errands mid-morning:20140321-213523.jpg

Sigh. And there’s more coming. But that’s okay, because I snuck this in:


Charlotte Russe floral hi-low dress, JCrew Jackie cardigan, Crown Vintage booties

And then it was 60. And in the sun, no coat was required! (The windchill was below 60, believe me.) I didn’t care, though – I was wearing a spring dress if it killed me. Also, thanks to a great book and a great recommendation of product by a friend, I successfully lined my eyes! Well, one of them (R) was totally successful. The other led to some poking of my eyeball and some unevenness because I couldn’t see my eyelid over my arm. Work in progress. 😉

My friend Liss and I went to a new Italian tapas place for dinner and had a blast – great catching up, and the food was some of the best I’ve had in ages. We started with a polenta and pork shoulder au jus, then a bruchetta with honeycomb that was actually cripsy bread stuffed with soft cow cheese, then she had the most amazing pizza that I snuck a slice of, and then I had a burger with bacon jam and cheese curds that I didn’t actually even touch because the half of polenta and some bruchetta was enough. Lunch and dinner today, ha.

But seriously, check this bruchetta:


Seriously amazeballs, and the honey just added to it!


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