29 March 2014: Going Home

Ugh, sorry for the sudden break. I came home from work Wednesday night with a fever of 102 and it barely changed through yesterday. I felt so guilty – first, of course, that I was at work while quite sick (mostly figuring it to be allergies until the end) and then that I missed two days of work during spring break. AKA one of our busiest weeks of the year. (Actually, I missed 2.5 with Monday’s migraine. But at least I did my desk shift Monday.) I owe a few people a lot.

But I am mostly back to normal now. At least better enough to get dressed and head up to my parents for my dad’s birthday. But before I do that, an announcement. Last time I made this announcement, I wore sparkles. Today, I am not in the mood for subtlety.


Disney Kid at Heart tee, Old Navy sweetheart skinny jeans, White Cliff flats

My friend and I booked our next trip “home” to Disney World with her daughter so we can do the Halloween party for the first time. I’m very excited. I’m going to spend my summer practicing my DisneyBound outfits – my new blue dress could go Cinderella or Jasmine (ooh, or Elsa! Just add a few snowflakes + braid), I just need a royal blue skirt to finish off an Anna outfit, I want to upgrade my Snow White, I figured out how to do Smee, and I bet I could put together a few others.

Let the countdown to October begin!!!


3 thoughts on “29 March 2014: Going Home

  1. Ugh, ahving a migraine and then getting a fever. Ugh. The human body is great…then sometimes man oh man. What gives!
    Yah for your Disney trip! Sounds like a hoot. I havent been to Disney is years – all I remember is that my Dad was a good sport about it all. Pretty sure he would have rather been anywhere else but there! Hehe


    • I know, right? Way to kick a person when they are down! And it actually continued with a horrific allergy slam, which I am still dealing with. Augh, body. Augh.

      Disney is my faaaaaaaaaaavorite. I get so homesick for it! It’s so much fun, even as a solo adult. Awesome atmosphere and great shopping. I’m not even a ride person – I don’t do rollercoasters, so I stick to the basics like Haunted Mansion and boat rides. Love!


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