4 April 2014: Springish

A little celebration for my first robin of the year on Wednesday!


French Connection sequin robin sweater, Old Navy Rockstar jeans, Gap tank top, Crown Vintage booties

It’s also 35 and rainy, so, pants it is! The sweater is short enough that I knew I needed a tank/camisole under it. I’m really glad that the red didn’t show up under the white sweater, because I’d initially had a tan tank on and it looked terrible. Didn’t go with any colors at all.

I got a note on my Pin of the gorgeous Kate Spade Lyric dress from a shop stylist at KS to email for details on a promotion they’re running this weekend – 25% off all full price clothes! The code is s14ffus and is good through the 7th. That cuts a full $100 off the Lyric dress – but leaves it at $300. I am torn. There is also the Leora dress, which is $100 less. Augh decisions!!


(COUGH. I noticed after posting that I’d titled the post as March. It may feel like March, but I changed it to April, ha.)


One thought on “4 April 2014: Springish

  1. So you buy one or two or 4 very expensive, truly remarkable, drop-dead gorgeous, feel-like-a-million-bucks dresses every so often. Those kind of dresses don’t always have a great ROI as far as # of times worn, but sometimes you just gotta splurge.


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