Kate Spade Dressing Room

I decided to run over to the new Kate Spade store and try on options. It was 60 degrees, or so all the thermometers said – it felt chillier, and there weren’t nearly as many people at the mall as you would have thought!

I was so impressed with the KS staff – they were so lovely! Super friendly, offered me heels to try things on with, and helped me make a decision when I was stuck. Also, the dressing room was bigger than my bathroom. Just saying.


Lyric Dress, size 6

So, the reason I went over there in the first place. I did love it, very very much. It’s still wishlisted. But it does add volume over my hips, and I’m not sure I have a bra that will lift my chest so it doesn’t end right at the waistband. Maybe a less padded bra? If there’s another sale, or if I get a birthday discount, I’ll consider it again.


Leora dress, medium

But, you see, I tried this one on first. And fell madly, madly in love. I just felt like this was My Dress from the moment I saw myself in it. I love the neckline, I love the cap sleeves, I love the length, I love the pink. It dresses up or down very easily (one stylist was wearing it with a denim jacket and it was SO CUTE), and I could wear this to work all summer long without feeling overdressed. I could also wear it to my friend’s wedding in May. (Especially if I find dupes for these shoes.) (PS, this is the one I bought.)


Zuma dress, size 6

The stylist put a few other spring dresses in there for me, too. I was blown away when I tried this one on. I never would have pulled it for myself in a million years, but my God, it’s gorgeous. The pattern is placed perfectly and I love the shape it defines on me. My one reservation is that it is definitely snug/form fitting. I can sit in it just fine, and move around, but it does fit snugly enough that I was always aware of it. I could size up, but then I think I’d lose the definition it gives. I think it fits perfectly, I just prefer things a little looser.


Edith dress, size 6

Again, I never ever would have picked this, but holy crap, I adore it. It’s amazing and I felt amazing in it. Same definition as the Zuma, but not as snug. I will say, it doesn’t look anything like the model on me, though! It looked way more shift-y on the website. I told my mom I was keeping the Zuma in my mind for the next sale, but I rather feel like this one might be a better pick. I wish the pic wasn’t blurry, sigh.


I wish I could find the shoes online – I remember the name started with a p. Unless the color was pewter, hmm. I wonder if they were last season’s Lilia? They were very comfortable, and even though I side eye the extreme triangle toe normally, I adored these. But alas, they were $246 and that was more than I was spending on the dress! I won’t lie, I did consider it. But when I started telling myself that it was totally reasonable to spend just under $500, because it was after all under $500, I knew I had gone too far. LOL

I also tried on the Sawyer dress in a size 6, but it was too tight over my rib cage and the darts were far to prominent to try another size. I did like the length, though.

I definitely have ideas in mind for the next sale, though!




14 thoughts on “Kate Spade Dressing Room

  1. I think the yellow flowered dress looks fantastic on you – perfect proportions to show off your figure to best advantage. It doesn’t make your hips look bigger, just like you are wearing a full skirt. The striped is great on you too, and they are my person #1 & #2 for how amazing you look.


    • I do very much still love the yellow floral. I’m a little sad that Kate Spade is doing things more my style this season rather than anthropologie, because Kate is 2-3x the price. LOL Here’s hoping for more sales…


  2. Wow! All the dresses look fab! The Zuma & Edith dresses are absolutely gorgeous on you! Those are my favs – but then again, fitted shifts are my fav style dress.
    Good choice though with the Leora – that is super cute & screams summertime fun!
    The Lyric dress is really adorable too. Very vintage 1950’s housewife. The top of the empire section does come right on up to your girls – which on me, would be a deal breaker as I get to squirmy with anything empire.
    My fav one on you is the Edith. The color, the neckline, the nipped waist, the length and the gorgeous stone “beading” is classic & timeless looking, yet hip. Jealous you got a Kate Spade store there!
    Btw, I switched my WordPress comment thingy over to my outlook email. Trying to decide if I want to use that or stick with gmail.


    • Thank you! I am pretty blown away by the Zuma and Edith – I don’t normally go for fitted shifts, but they do tend to flatter me.

      The empire waist of the Lyric is my main sticking point, I think. If the waistband was narrower or my girls higher, I think I’d love it that much more. But I’m really excited to wear the Leora this summer, and I’m sort of hoping for another big KS sale, hee.


  3. I *love* The Edith on you, omg. And as always, I love you in heels. Lyric is gorgeous and unless there’s a big difference between the pic and reality, I think it fits fine – your hips look fine, and I didn’t think “omgBOOBS” when I looked at it, even with the empire waist. Like I said on lj, though, the right bra can make a huge difference, so if it ends up in your closet, take it bra shopping.


    • Isn’t it amazing? I never think to try on shift style dresses and I really need to work on that. I love the color, I love the beading, I wish it was at least $100 less. LOL

      The Lyric pic is pretty true to life. I think a different bra would make all the difference, which I’ll keep in mind the next time they have a sale.


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