10 April 2014: Doll

Hmm. I – hmm. I’m going to freely admit – not my best outfit. This is sort of the thrid or fourth outfit I tried today. I think I stopped caring. I’m just going to own it, with a smile. Because the idea of going back to my closet makes me tired.



Joseph A sparkly shirt, Old Navy flirt skirt, Aerosoles wedges

It was better without socks, but I needed them to protect my baby toe and heel. Funny thing about the hair – I had it wrapped yesterday to produce curls, and it did NOT turn out when I woke up. One ringlet, one poof and nothing in the back. I tried a ponytail (OMG NO), pigtails, two braids, half pinned – all a poofy disaster. So I twisted it up and ran my errand. Came back ready to shower and start from scratch, took the barette out and it was all decently and evenly curled. wtf? So I ran with it. Pulling it half back made it look like the back had curled, and the sides still stayed curly. Win.

It’s probably too cold for bare legs, but I’m driving and will barely be outside at all. Also, I saw this on my way home this morning:


Color! That deserved bare legs.


2 thoughts on “10 April 2014: Doll

  1. Hehe – days like this are enough to make you forget about the other days when things go effortlessly.
    I have 3 default outfits for craptastic days when nothing seems to be going in my favor: Scrubs in ceil blue color (when I was still working at the practice), black leggings with a white tank top under a light blue l/s tee or a cream aline skirt with a blue tee. Why the blue theme – it just worked out that way & thus became my default freak-out recovery color.


    • They really are. LOL And default outfits are an excellent idea – I think this skirt probably is my default, but I should follow your lead. Cut down on stress a little bit! That leggings outfit especially sounds pretty cute.


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