11, 13, 15, 16 April 2014: Craaaaaaaaaash

Saturday, we had our first 80 degree day. It was lovely! (Well, to be fair, I spent the entire day on the couch rewatching the sixth season of Mad Men. I did take a walk at 6pm, though, when the temperature had dipped to 78 and it was lovely.)

Monday, which I had off, it snowed. A lot. (Well, an inch.) It’s so cold again, it sucks. (I did drink tea and watch Frozen while it snowed, though. I mean, my hold had just come in! What else was there to do?)

Anyway, clothes.



polka dot dress, Me Too ballerina flats

My coworker brought this to the last clothes swap and just handed it straight to me instead of adding it to the dress pile. Thanks, J!


Zara floral tunic, Old Navy Flirt capris, White Cliff flats

This was Sunday at work, the day before snow, when it was still moderately warmish outside. Half Megan Draper, for the Mad Men premiere, half knocked up at Coachella.


Anthropologie Noon and Night dress, Anthropologie cardigan, anthropologie belt, Kate Spade necklace, Hue tights, Crown Vintage booties

A nearly full anthropologie outfit! I’ve been meaning to try this dress paired with grey. My Airport Greetings cardigan from Modcloth was a better color with the tights, but this had the drape I wanted, so it won out.




Forever 21 peter pan collared sweater, Old Navy sweetheart skinny jeans, scarf belt, vintage flower brooch, Modcloth wired hedband, Aerosole wedges

My dear and darling friend bailed on Wednesday Morning Workout AGAIN. And then she bailed on the lunchtime walk. I was ready, man. I managed to put something together that would be easy to modify for dancing, and all I needed extra was converse. Oh, well. I think it came out super cute, and I love this belt. It’s always bigger than I remember, so it does best in lowrise belt loops.

Also, my other coworker and I took a lunchtime walk instead – right to the consignment shop. She finally bought the most amazing Fluevog shoes and I put some sandals on hold. And then went back to try things on after work, because work sucked today and I needed some retail therapy.





Thoughts on the top? I think it emphasizes my pear shape too much. I’ve been low-level searching for a lavendar dress to wear to Disney World as Rapunzel, and I thought this would do instead, but I ended up not liking it very much. But check the red shoes!



Ahhhhhhhh, I love this dress! Esley brand. They just got it in, so it was $25, and I love the colors and I adore the piping. And the collar! So adorably mod. I put it back, but if it’s still there in a few weeks, I think I want it. Maybe not. The pockets are placed at exactly the right place to add volume, which is annoying. Thoughts?

I did buy the red sandals, though. I’ve been wanting bright colored sandals for a few seasons now, and red is totally my color.

Oh, right. And snow pics:




3 thoughts on “11, 13, 15, 16 April 2014: Craaaaaaaaaash

  1. So many OMG’s! First the polka dot dress – adorable! Love it!
    Second – the Esley dress – go back & get it! You look like the modern day “That Girl” girl, Marlo Thomas. A show from the the way back when era.
    Finally, go have got to go see JohnnySwim when they come to Chicago next week. One of my fav musical duo’s ever! I just bought tix to their Asheville NC show & noticed they have a late April Chicago show & another for Chicago’s Lollapalooza in late summer too. You’d totally dig their beat! Live from Daryl’s (Hall) House recently featured JohnnySwim & I squealed a zillion squeals when I saw they were on his show – you can Google his show & watch online.
    But I digress, go back & get the Esley dress – super cute!


    • Aren’t the polka dots awesome?? I love it and can’t wait to wear it again. Especially since the coworker who gave it to me was off that day!

      I am definitely considering going back for the Esley. It’s just so fun, and it’s not like anything else I own. I need a cute little beret to go with it or something, hee.

      I will look into JohnnySwim! I listened to a few songs on YouTube and they do sound really great. Thanks for the heads up!


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