17 April 2014: Blues

With a few exceptions, I haven’t been digging into any spring pieces at all. It doesn’t feel right, still being so cold, even if it is late April. But today I finally saw an actually bloomed flower, so whatever. Bring on the summer skirt.


Glamorous bodysuit, anthropologie skirt, H&M cardigan, sweater clip, beaded necklace, Modcloth kitty cat socks, Coach heels

I probably won’t keep the shoes on, but sometimes you need to feel like you could rock 5 inch platform heels when you want to.


These are probably the shoes I’ll change into before work.

20140417-105333.jpg‘But look! Flowers!!

This is probably my last post before the holiday, so have a lovely Easter/spring weekend. xoxo


2 thoughts on “17 April 2014: Blues

  1. Happy Easter! I tossed a bunch of plastic Easter eggs in the backyard yesterday just for the visual effect, but a wake of Black buzzards made off with ’em all. Haha


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