25 April 2014: Sound of…Whoops

So, last December when I was helping my grandmother in the hospital, tickets for The Sound of Music stage show came up on Goldstar. I needed something to look forward to and so I did some comfort shopping and bought a ticket, floor, to the preview. Fast forward a few months and I realize that I never did check the train schedule to see how it meshed with the show. Turns out, not well! So I stressed and worried and finally figured out a plan. Thus prepared, I went to pick up my ticket for tonight’s show.

They didn’t have my ticket.

Cue an entire afternoon emailing with Goldstar’s customer service. Amy was lovely and friendly and super apologetic and helped me get a seat for Sunday instead. (Seriously, fantastic customer service.) And while we did all that, I tried on clothes at anthro to see what I liked for when my birthday discount goes into effect and hung out at Argo Tea with an amazing green tea ginger twist. And this is what I wore:


Kate Spade Elliana Orchid dress, Kate Spade chunky necklace, JCrew Jackie cardigan, Old Navy tights, Crown Vintage booties

These boots have always been so comfortable, but not for today’s marathon walking! Good to know.

Meanwhile, over at anthro, they were out of a lot of sizes. I ended up with off-size things that actually fit mostly okay. Either things are running small or I am running big. I know which I’d prefer.



Laced Verbena Dress, size 10, $198

They went from a size 2 to a 10, sigh. I think an 8 would be perfect – this fit my chest pretty well, but the waist was baggy. I adore the colors and the pink sequins and the pockets, though. This is definitely a contender for my birthday discount – and maybe to wear to my friend’s wedding at the end of May? More pricy than I like, but I love the neckline and the length and the cheer.


Senna Dress, size 6, $188

I love the color and floral pattern – I want this in a top, minus the ruffles. (I really need to post my Modcloth Surprise Sale swag – ruffles galore.) I could deal with the ruffles if they were only on the skirt, but this is too frilly for me.



Matilde dress, size 8, $128

I am not going to lie. I picked this up because it looked like it would be a great Ariel Disneybound dress with purple accessories. (No, Shelley. You may not spend over $20 on something just because it would work at Disney World. No.) Then I realized it’s the dress version of my beloved Neo-Gingham Crossback Tee. I do actually love it, and it’s a great color I don’t own anything in, but it’s hard to justify when I already own the top.



Ballare dress, L, $158

This is the other contender for birthday discount. They only had Small and Large, and it looked like it may run small/clingy, so I went for the large. This was super comfortable, and I think a medium would fit very well. There’s actually several layers – lining, crinoline, more lining, dress. You all know my deep and abiding love for crinolines and petticoats. The problem is that there is a huge static problem – even just trying to adjust the crinoline led to stickiness in odd ways. Sigh. Sizing down probably would make that even harder, so I’d probably be struggling with that quite a bit. Huge bummer.

Also, I feel like anthro has had a price hike. Usually there are cute tops or skirts in the $88 range, but I haven’t seen any in stores on my last few trips. There are also way more options in the $200-$300 range.I think a year ago a dress like this last one would have gone for $128 and the top for $158, and that is not a trend I can support.


2 thoughts on “25 April 2014: Sound of…Whoops

  1. The price hike might be in relation to the recovery from the whole housing bubble debacle. Folks held tight to their coin for awhile & retailers paid the price. Nowadays, folks are now much looser with their cash & retailers are making us pay the price.


    • Ugh. That sounds very plausible, and makes me sad. I still love a lot of what anthro puts out, but I don’t even want to try things on if I can’t afford them. Sale items get snapped up very quickly these days.


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