Modcloth Goodies!

I got my Surprise Sale swag awhile back, but I guess you can tell there were no standouts because it’s taken forever to post. In fact, what pushed this post was the amazing dress I bought in the last sale. Remember when I said I wouldn’t spend more than $20 on a DisneyBounding item? I, um, meant after this.



Winter Wanderland dress! Isn’t this amazing? I got a large, because it was the last one, and a medium would have fit better in the chest, but whatever. It’s sparkly snowflakes. And that means I get to dress in the spirit of Elsa, and that is awesome.

Also, we’re doing a Frozen sing-a-long in August, and I am set, outfit wise. I was feeling a tiny bit of buyer’s remorse (it was $109, I got 30% off, and then I had a credit and further discount, but still. It’s not super wearable outside of certain circumstances), but once I got it on, it was hard to make myself take it off again, hee.

The shoes, though, that is sad:


Best of Times Heel in grey

These are exactly the shoe I’ve been wanting for ages – retro, ties across the top, two tone. Sheer perfection. Except they are too wide. My foot doesn’t come close to touching the top of the shoe, and the footbed is so hard it hurt just walking around my apartment. I am so, so sad. I guess I could try inserts, but I don’t think these are meant for me.

And now the spring Stylish Surprises:


Hello, ruffles. I look like a wood nymph. I don’t think it’s me. I’ve been too lazy to give it away or bring it to the consignment store. Also, I want it to work, so, there’s that. But I don’t think it does.


Since the apparel was $10, my parents ordered me one, too! This is what I got from them. MORE RUFFLES. I think I actually like this one a lot. I think it’s a bit big, and I’d sort of like to sew some fake straps to make me feel like it won’t fall down, but I do sort of like it. Thoughts?

This is my entire haul:



I’ve never really been a Tom’s sort of person, the square look never looks right to me, but I fell in love with these lace shoes. And despite trying to stretch it for days, they are too small. So I haven’t done anything with them, either, but I need to. SIGH.

And this scarf. Cowl? It’s very very weird. It’s hollow, like a cowl, but it’s long, like a scarf. I do not know how to wear it!! I can bunch it and wear it as a cowl, but it makes me giggle. See?




4 thoughts on “Modcloth Goodies!

  1. The snowflake dress is super cute!
    Wood nymph! LOL It does have a woodsy owl thing about it.
    The strapless number is overwhelming you despite being strapless. Looks a bit voluminous.
    The cowl scarf. Are you sure it’s not a maxi tube dress?


    • I’m so excited about the snowflakes! I wish it was appropriate to wear in May, hee.

      I am totally not at all sure that its not a dress. Lol it’s confounding. I added a pic of wearing it as a cowl.

      I see what you mean about overwhelming and voluminous. I hate to have my entire haul not work, but maybe it just wasn’t my season!


  2. Try inserts with the awesome shoes before you count them out. The perfect shoes for inserts are ones with a little vertical space! You can get some of those really cushy gel ones. Also, the snowflake dress is adorable.


    • Well, it sure can’t hurt to try! You’re right, that extra space may make it fixable. I’ll grab some this weekend and cross fingers.

      That snowflake dress, though. I am so excited to wear it!


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