May the 4th Be With You

After years of wishing, we finally were able to put on a May the 4th Be With You party at work! Darth Vader, Boba Fett, Dirge and a Clone Trooper (volunteers in LucasFilm approved costumes) showed up for photo ops and a costume parade, plus there was Origami Yoda crafts and a finger light saber. My desk partner and I were laughing the whole time because it was so cute and awesome. And Darth was very polite, heh.

So clearly I had to get in on the fun.


Topshop dress, tights, JCrew belt, beaded necklace, Modcloth lace shoes

I will admit – I am a geek, but not a Star Wars one. But I looked up Leia and realized I could totally pull it off. Originally I had it all white, necklace and all, but that was way too bridal. Changed the necklace, added a matching belt and it worked.

And seriously – I am always going to be partial to our amazing Doctor Who party, but this really was the best work day ever, ha!


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