7, 8, 9 May 2014: Still Birthday Week

I pretty much gave up on wearing favorites for the week, oh well. Weather and scheduling just didn’t work and frankly, by the time today rolled around, I didn’t care. I tried.


Merona tank dress, BoC Canty Booties, Forever 21 Love necklace

It got HOT! I walked to a local school for a meeting, not even half a mile, and had to take off my cardigan for the rest of the day. We got up to about 85, some towns got to 91.

Modcloth Glamorous body suit, Charlotte by Charlotte Russe for anthropologie skirt, Loft cardigan, Moscloth sandals, feather fascinator


Disney World top, JCrew button skirt, dansko sandals

I didn’t even try for cute today. This shirt does fit way better than it did when I got it (’09?), which is nice. Sandals are new to me from consignment store, so Im trying to break the, in. Love the look, hope to make them feel as good, too.

My parents’ new puppy is healthy and home!


It’s almost impossible to take a picture of Bingo because he’s always in movement! He’s a total sweetie, though, and super cute to watch walk around. Love him!


2 thoughts on “7, 8, 9 May 2014: Still Birthday Week

  1. Bingo! Cute! Oh gosh I do love OPP’s – other people’s puppies. It’s been 15 years since I’ve had a puppy, but I haven’t forgotten how much puppies can be…well…puppies. But still, nothing cuter than a puppy! Except baby bunnies maybe.
    Oh wow, so yall got the 90’s temps too. Sucks as it’s only May.
    This time of year is tough to dress for. Could be ok warm/mild, could be epic hot. Could be both in the same day. Either way, sounds easy enough to dress for, but it’s always a challenge. Sub-artic temps inside most grocery stores & restaurants, yet Hades hot outside, yet comfy mild at home. Need to wear a parka just to grocery shop or risk hypothermia. Hehe


    • This is our first puppy in about 15 years, too. I have NO IDEA WHAT MY PARENTS WERE THINKING. Because they have so much extra time and energy? But they are blissfully in love, even at 3am, so that’s good. *g*

      We went from 90s to 30s. This year needs to sober itself up, this lurching back and forth is not attractive. And then it’s 30 in the morning, but 50 at night, and what coat do you wear? I layered a rain coat and pea coat this morning, I was ridiculous, hee.


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