10 and 11 May 2014: Weekend

I pretty much spent the entire weekend with the new puppy. So cute, omg.


Odille plaid tunic, Old Navy Flirt capris, white cliff flats

I went for a facial while Mom had a pedicure…the esthetician said my face was fine, maybe a little rough, but fine. I’ve had a few facials and never heard that before! She suggested doing some night moisturizer once or twice a week. Doable.


Anthropologie Novelty Collar tee, Old Navy flirt capris, white cliff flats

Today was uneventful and my plans got canceled. Have some Bingo.



And some springtime in my parents backyard.




2 thoughts on “10 and 11 May 2014: Weekend

  1. I am imagining your folks baseboards, lower 1/3 of the door trim, socks, shoes, furniture legs, and anything within reach are at risk of puppy annihilation. My last lil dog was super cute & sweet, but dang he could put a puppy hurting on anything that was at floor level.
    Is Bingo a black lab?
    So only mallards and no drakes? Hopefully the lady ducks are nearby! Baby ducklings are so stinkin cute too.
    Props to you for being able to pull off capri pants – they look super cute on you! I always look dorky & stumpy when I try on capri’s. I’m not short nor am I tall (5’5″), but for some reason capri’s just insta-age me & reduce me to fun-house mirror proportioning. Ah well, there are worse first-world problems.


    • Ha, he is SUCH a mouther. He has a ton of chewy toys. It’s hilarious, because my brother needs his own chewy toys for sensory reasons. Just one more reason why Bingo fits in. 😉 And yes, he is a black lab!

      The ladies are sitting with their eggs – they’d been a happy foursome until last week or so and now we await the ducklings.

      It took a LOT of trial and error to find a good length of capri! They can be wretched.


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