15 and 16 May 2014: Still Cold

I checked the weather at 10:30am Thursday and the windchill was 35*. And then I woke up on Friday and there was snow on the radar. Not on, weather. Not on.



Gap sweater, Old Navy Flirt skirt, anthropologie hairband, Merona tights, beaded necklace, Crown Vintage booties


Bar III dress, ANA cardigan, vintage pin, anthropologie hairband, Old Navy tights, Crown Vintage booties

Anthropologie offered a 15% coupon for Mother’s Day, which basically means a second birthday coupon for me. So I bought the hairband I’d been eyeing for ages, but was no longer in my store:



At $22, it seemed expensive, and even with the discount it was $18. But since every time I catch a glimpse of it, I beam, we’ll call it money well spent. I’ve worn it 3/5 days I’ve owned it, I think, heh.

I decided to start Project 365 again – taking a photo a day, this time starting on my birthday and not January 1. I am posting them daily on my Flickr,and was going to do these collages for Instagram and here, but maybe that’s silly. Maybe I’ll post them simultaneously to Flickr and Instagram? And maybe still do weekly collages here? I don’t want to overwhelm content here. Hmmmmmm. Anyway:




1/My parents’ backyard, 2/The Moonspace in my library, 3/Summer Reading Programs for babies, 4/Grade list recommended lists I’ve been editing – Chris Colfer’s book, peeking through, was one of my additions, 5/They cut down the lovely flowers in the park the day after I admired them! Why?!, 6/BINGO BABY, 7/Orange, lime and honey drink at a celebratory brunch.



2 thoughts on “15 and 16 May 2014: Still Cold

  1. I especially love how you styled the Bar III dress – very cute! And yay for the headband, that is a gorgeous one! Does it stay in place well? I love the collage 🙂


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