19 May 2014: Hobbledy Hoy

I realized after my last post that having Kurt and Blaine sing Let It Snow in my sidebar probably wasn’t helping matters. It’s now updated to a cover of Nonono’s Pumpin’ Blood, which I am using as my getting ready for summer mojo building theme song this year. I also added some Flickr integration, though that may change.

Anyway, I’m feeling pretty retro again lately. I spent the weekend rereading The Cheerleader, by Ruth Doan MacDougall, which is a beloved favorite of mine about being a teenager in 1955. It’s not sentimental or stereotypic – more Mad Men than Malt Shop. And then last night’s episode of Mad Men – I get up early to watch Monday mornings from an iTunes download before work. I was so engrossed in it that when I changed bras because my usual wasn’t a good fit for this top, I forgot to go back and check if the snowflakes were seeable through the fabric.

I’m saying that they blend in with the floral pattern, but I may be deluding myself.


Max Studio blouse, Tahari skirt, XO crown necklace, anthropologie hairband, Sketchers flats

I don’t often wear maxi skirts, but this blouse just screamed for it. I had pulled it out when my red cardi was on the doorknob and I was surprised by how good the two look together. Basically, this outfit came together exactly the way I pictured in my head, yay!


2 thoughts on “19 May 2014: Hobbledy Hoy

  1. Oh gosh to read a book aside from a textbook. Le sigh. I’m neck deep in Intl. Org of Standards (ISO) stuff. Yah fun.
    So did it really snow up your way? Is it at all typically to still have snow this time of the year or am I so isolated from the snow-belt to be blissfully unaware?
    Cute maxi skirt! I saw a girl at the airport a few weeks ago wearing a navy & white striped maxi skirt, white tank top, simple gold flip flops & a denim jacket. Her whole outfit was so awesome & chic that I quizzed her about where she got darn near everything she was wearing. So going to copy her outfit!


    • I remember those days – I kept adding titles to my to-read list for when I finally graduated, and there they sit. 5 years later. *g*

      I didn’t get snow, but friends about an hour away from me did. This is completely and totally abnormal – we’ve had the odd snowflake through April, but nothing like this or so late. It’s so weird.

      I love how simple and cute maxi skirts look, but it’s almost impossible to get me in one for some reason. I guess I normally feel more comfortable in a shorter skirt. That outfit you saw sounds so freaking adorable, though!!


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