20 and 21 May 2014: Spring!

Signs I am out of practice at this spring thing: I forgot to check if my blouse was sheer enough for my bra pattern to peek through on Monday and I forgot to check if my legs were shaved to wear a skirt with no leggings yesterday. Luckily, my legs at least were ready. Today, at least, I was confident that legs and chest were ready to be seen or hidden, depending on location – but I forgot to take my allergy meds last night, leading to a dizzy and sick morning and afternoon today. Ugh. Tomorrow, let’s try to hit all three.


Merona lace tank, Old Navy Flirt skirt, JCrew Jackie cardigan, Forever 21 hairbow, Aerosole wedges


Disney Park Mickey and Minnie top, Old Navy flirt skirt, White Cliff flats

I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with my hair for my friend’s wedding on Saturday. My dress is sort of retro Hawaiian (teal with tropical flowers), so I wanted to try and curl it a bit for a Veronica Lake feel, but I seriously fail at girl skills. It’s so frustrating! I guess I can try hairband curls and hope for the best.

I bought shoe inserts this weekend, finally, to try to make The Best of Times heels work. Alas. I went with a nicely thick one that gets trimmed to shape, tested it untrimmed, and no dice. My toes got pinched and even with the thick layer of foam going up the back, my heel slid out. I don’t think any level of trimming will help a shoe that is simultaneously too big and too small. :/ Back to the search on that one. I am debating going for the Give Me Gracefulness slip with my credit – perhaps it will add a bit of poof to some dresses?? I don’t want to go full on cupcake, but I might want a bit more volume than this. I suspect I may have to learn how to sew with tulle.


2 thoughts on “20 and 21 May 2014: Spring!

  1. Shoes. Man it can be a toughy trying to beat shoes to fit. I’ve had random success with stretching shoes, dying shoes, replacing soles, etc…but for every success, there have been multiple epic failures. I’ve been a slow learn in the past when it came to accepting that a pair of shoes won’t or don’t fit. Stubborness for fashion sakes. In hindsight, sheesh!
    Anytime I’ve bought a shoe insert, I’ve always looked back & said, well that’s $10 I won’t see again as the shoes are still uncomfy…and now I just shelled out $10 on purpose to have even less room in the shoe! Awesome Jane!


    • Right?? It’s so hard sometimes you admit you made a shoe mistake. *g*

      I admit, that’s why I don’t often wear the heeled saddle shoes. I can’t imagine not owning them, but they are not super comfy. Even with the damned $10 inserts, ha.


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