22 May 2014: Malt Shop Model

I like to read a lot of malt shop books – basically YA written during the 1950s. Anne Emory, Beverly Cleary, Rosamund du Jardin, etc. The latter has a series about twins Pam and Penny Howard and Pam once wore a lime green sweater with melon skirt. Um, it had to be done.



Free People beaded cardigan, Harry David shell, Merona skirt, vintage sweater clip, Kenneth Cole Reaction heels

It was a bit too warm out for this heavier cardigan, so I ended up taking the sleeves off and wearing it like a shawl with the sweater clip, which was perfect for the temperature.

I also had time this morning to practice wedding stuff. I decided to try my eye makeup plan and see if I’m also allergic to my MAC shadow, my liner and my mascara –  I am not! No itchy burny eyes! Huzzah! It seems to be barely there, maybe I need to practice a heavier hand, but I think it’s a little more noticeable than nothing?


I also tried more hair stuff. I tried rolling it in my curlers while my hair was wet, letting it set a bit, and blow drying – nope. Complete and total fail. Except my bangs, which did curl, in the total opposite way of what I wanted. Awesome.

So after I ran my errand, I attacked it with my curling iron again. Last time, I tried to follow the advice of YouTube people and totally failed. This time, I just tried to replicate what I did with my curlers, and it worked a tiny bit. It gave it a bit of wave, anyway. But I think leaving it down and heavy will be too hot, so I don’t know what to do. 😦 I tried pulling it back and leaving curly/wavy bits in front, but that looked weird. Maybe I’d be better off with my hot rollers – I’d have tried them except I have misplaced the pins, sigh.

I was going to wrap it tomorrow morning for hairband curls, but I’m doubting the wisdom of leaving it down for dancing. I’m probably going to end up with a side ponytail, maybe tucked through, maybe with a flower. I wish I knew fancy ways to do my hair, it makes me sad that I don’t.


What do you think?

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