23 May 2014: Disney Side

Disney World and Disneyland celebrated summer kickoff by keeping both parks open 24 hours straight and doing a few livecam locations. Did I watch Disney at work all day Friday? Yep. Did I watch parades and shows live, synced with YouTube audio for the full experience? Yep. Did I dress Disney to celebrate? You bet your sweet bippy.


Disney Parks fashion tee, old Navy Flirt capris, Modcloth Lollipop sandals

Five months until we’re there!!


2 thoughts on “23 May 2014: Disney Side

  1. How fun! Even if you couldn’t be there in person, you got to vicariously through the webcams in a way! I used to keep the Key West and/or the Islamorada cams up on my work computer when I used to see patients in the very early morning hours. Sunrise in the Keys. Kinda.ok.notsomuch. But hey, it’s was better than nothing!
    Have you installed a Disney vacation countdown app on your phone yet?


    • Exactly! I did it last year, too, and it’s really fun to feel part of it. Especially since this year, I have a trip planned and can imagine being there soon. No countdown app, but my bff has our trip spreadsheet counting down, hee. We’re such dorks.

      I love the idea of keeping the Keys on your work computer! That has to add a little bit of joy to early mornings.


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