24 May 2014: Wedding Fun

My friend Renee got married last night and it was so lovely. I was nervous because I was going in knowing only two people – bride and a  mutual friend. Not my best scenario. But I figured that I’d end up with mutual friend at a library table, and I was right. I spent cocktail hour with a former department intern I had heard of and not really met before, and while we were seated at different tables, I went back over to her when the dancing started and asked if, basically, she’d be my dancing buddy. She was game. Alas, there was a live band and while they were really good, there were way more slow dances than dancing dances. 😦 Still, I stayed until the last song after midnight and had fun. Also, there were nibbles all night long, including martinis walking around and tater tots and cheese fries.

Also, the hotel was amazing. I’ve stayed in a number of nice hotels, but this was pretty damn amazing. I fell in love with the bed with ceiling lights and the rainfall shower head omg. I hadn’t even planned to shower, but I had to use that stall. Living the dream, man. The only downside was that the lighting sucked, but I think my makeup came out perfectly and I was so pleased.



anthropologie Quinby dress, diamond necklace, diamond and sapphire bracelet, purse, Modcloth Lollipop sandals

Like I said, lighting sucked in the hotel room – on the way back up after the wedding, I realized the elevator mirror would work well, ha. I got quite a few compliments on the dress, which was nice – there were way more sheaths than full skirts and I felt a little out of place. But I decided that I’d look at it as standing out. 😉

Also, I tried several different bras, hoping to make the waist less empire and more like the model shot, but alas. anthropologie lied in their photograph.


Closeup on makeup! I brought so much makeup. And it took awhile to put on. But it came out exactly how I wanted it and stayed put!





Wedding dress in all its glory; photobooth fun! It was such a lovely night – she was radiant and I was so happy to be able to be there to celebrate with her.


Seriously, you guys. Best bathroom ever. (Minus the lighting issue.) I covet this, madly.



18/Call the Midwife DVDs arrived, 19/cherries are back whoo!, 20/postwork walk, 21/ice cream in the park on the first hot day, 22/lunch in the park, 23/floating magnet to get kids excited about the upcoming srp, 24/dolled for the wedding.

(I feel like I actually got the date order wrong on a few of those. Whoops. Close enough.)


2 thoughts on “24 May 2014: Wedding Fun

  1. Your dress is so pretty! Good choice. The bride’s gown is amazing too! Glad it went well for everyone.
    Oh wow, big giant showers. Such a luxury! A coupla years ago, we bought a rainfall shower head thing at Costco & ended up returning it like 2 days later. It was awesome….sorta. Went from yah cool to way cold in no time as it would drain our giant hot water heater in like under 3 minutes. dang.


    • Thank you! And yes, hers was so gorgeous – it laced up the back, and she had the most amazing beaded clip in her hair, too. Perfect.

      Okay, that’s a sad sad story about rainfall shower heads! I had no idea it would drain hot water that fast, yikes. But I bet it was fun for those 3 minutes, ha.


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