2 June 2014: Puffed Sleeves

I spent the weekend at my parents’. Let’s get the outfit pic out of the way so we can talk PUPPY.


Blue top, Loft print skirt, xo crown necklace, White Cliff flats

This is the top I’ll do my Snow White Disneybound in! No clue on brans, the tag is missing. I had a bitch of a time picking an outfit for today. I couldn’t seem to see myself in any of my dresses, which are normally my happy place and I’m not sure what’s up with that. 😦

Now. PUPPY. And project365.



PUPPY. He’s three months old tomorrow, and he’s super tiny for his age, but so much bigger than a month ago.  He was four pounds the last time I posted pictures and now he’s ten – he should be somewhere about 20.



He’s such a cutie, and his tail started wagging the moment he saw me get out of the car. Gah, he’s just so damned adorable. He loves to play and has no problem amusing himself – his new BFF is Mr Bill, who screeches “Oh noooooooooo” when they play fight. Seriously adorbs.

We took him on his first beach adventure – he loved the sand, but not the water. Part of that could be me, with my shrieking over the multitudes of dead fish in the water, on the sandbar, in the sand, in his mouth, skeletons everywhere UGH UGH UGH YUCK. He may have picked up on that. But he had fun running around and meeting another dog named Rudy…and, as you can see, letting me take his photo, ha.



And the week in project 365:


25/puffy flowers on a long walk, 26/mostly the books I read Memorial Day weekend,27/lunch at the Doctor Who themed Blue Box Cafe with Meg and baby, 28/opening day of a Summer of the Navy Ked, 29/waterfall on walk, 30/walk through the gardens, 31/at the beach

I’m trying really hard to go for a walk at least four days a week, so, uh, look for a lot of landscape photos, I guess! Also, I really need to write about some of the books I’ve been reading – the whole Echo Company series (The Road Home, pictured, is the last of them – I technically read the first 3 of the series over that weekend and not Road Home, but the others are eBooks and this I owned, so), for example. And I reread The Fault in our Stars to get ready for the movie this weekend. All good stuff, but I find myself mentally still in the late 60s after leaving the Vietnam War with Michael and Rebecca in Echo Company.



2 thoughts on “2 June 2014: Puffed Sleeves

  1. I *LOVE* the puffy sleeve shirt! I had a dress that had that style of sleeves, but it was for a heavier version of me 😀 And the puffy flowers on your walk are also very cool. Nice capturing of your week 🙂


    • Aren’t they adorable? I have had a thing for puffy sleeves since first reading Anne of Green Gables at an impressionable age, hee.

      I’m having fun trying Project365 again. I’m hoping it’ll give me a positive feeling when I hit my next birthday and the year is up!


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