3, 4, 5 June 2014: Smile

When faced with stressful projects, I try to dress super adorably.






Maurice’s top, Lilly Pullitzer floral skirt, Juicy Couture choker, Keds Champion sneakers

Okay, not my best. But I love this skirt, and I think I’ll feel more comfortable wearing the Keds with skirts and dresses for work over pants.


Kate Spade Leora dress, BP cardigan, vintage brooch, Me Too flats

Kaaaaaaaaate. It was really too chilly (60) for a summer sundress, but whatever. It made me happy. And it was nice to wear it to dinner with Liss.

Also, it’s now half off. And damn it, that lemon dress I loved went to sale and I missed it, augh. Even worse, so is the pink Edith sheath, sigh. I’ll keep at eye out at other stores.


Gap camisole, Persaman New York skirt, Loft cardigan, Me Too flats

This is a very twirly sequinned skirt. I very nearly had a Marilyn moment when I left my building this morning, ha. A coworker found this for me and it’s super fun and great for a cool June day.


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