6 June 2014: DDay 70

Today is the 70th anniversary of the D-Day invasion. I’ve been facebooking links to info, articles, archives and news broadcasts all day, ha. So it’s no surprise what I dug out of my closet to wear.



Abercrombie and Fitch sweater, vintage 40s skirt, vintage heart brooch, Aerosole sandals

The skirt is part of a skirt suit – the top is the same fabric, as is the belt, but it’s much too big now. And, also, obviously it looks quite costumey to wear them together! The skirt is too big, too – I safety pinned it to a slip to keep it up safely, ha. But I love the drape and length….most of my midi skirts are stiffer and have a shape, and I love this hang much better.

I got this in college at an amazing little vintage store (where I also found this 50s party dress) and I think I’ve only worn it once or twice, for American Girl parties at work, but maybe I can bring the skirt out again. Not too often, through…it is 70 years old!


3 thoughts on “6 June 2014: DDay 70

  1. You should so petition your bosses to pony up some extra cash so that you can hit up thrift stores, etc in order to dress the (historical) part for historical events – talk about a cool way to stimulate conversation & teach along the way.


    • Oh, I love that idea!! My co-programmer also pretty much lives in vintage wear (and/or vintage bedsheets she has turned into dresses and skirts) and would totally back me up on this. If it’s part of a program, who could complain? We really would love that.


      • Hey tell your co-programmer friend to have a look at a sewing book called “Sew What Skirts” by Francesca DenHartog (http://www.amazon.com/Sew-What-Skirts-Fabulous-Fabrics/dp/1580176259).

        More specifically, have her take a looksee at the ‘tourist trap’ skirt tutorial. This one uses vintage tablecloths to make skirts out of. I actually made this skirt twice using a Florida tablecloth & a Texas one as well. Came out super cute!

        Also have her do a Google IMAGE search for both ‘Sew What Skirts tourist trap’ & also for ‘vintage strawberry skirt’. There are a couple of really great examples other sewers have made using vintage tablecloths with a San Francisco & strawberry theme.

        Also if she knows where I can get my mitts on a Tammis Keefe USDA cow tablecloth I’d be most appreciative!


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